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    My understanding is that you don’t need a model release to display your work.  If you did need one, wedding photographers would have an administrative nightmare.  Imagine trying to get a release from 350 people and keeping track of who signed and who did not!  One photographer told me if you blog and put up wedding photos, you pretty much have to do it for every couple because if you leave a wedding out they become offended.  All or nothing seem to be the best options.

    I read that you don’t need a release for your photos in your book but you need one for the cover if there is a recognizable person.

    I’m not a lawyer so none of this is legal advice.  Be guided accordingly, do your own research or consult a lawyer as appropriate.


    @pgbrown0517, I like your photos.

    Oh, in case any of you are real photographers of the caliber of my pro friends and are members of the PPA, here’s a little something you agreed to:

    Will you provide links to any of your pro friends sites?  I would like to see them.


    yea, you’re probably right ;]  Over half of the people I shoot for don’t like the idea of being plastered on the net..I do a lot of work for the ‘well to do, better off’ folks..  One guy is a pharmaceutical injectable distributor that require me to do editing @ his office and I don’t keep any files and immediately sign over all rights to the photos.. Pays good, don’t care :P. I don’t mind posting street photos or random objects, but as far as my paying clients go–never. I don’t like the idea of having to work for someone else, so I keep my people happy. When I said I didn’t advertize, that is to say I don’t have a ton of clients, but the ones I do have are the ones that go off shore fishing and I end up going too, or have a daughter/son get married, I end up shooting it; car collections, private homes, insurance photos, portraits, family photos, engagements, etc. I don’t do “cd’s”, what I usually end up doing is contact sheets and handing those over with a sharpie.. Basically it comes down to–I keep my clients near and dear.. I believe in repeat customers vs. pandering for new ones.. I do get new clients ever so often, but generally they are some how connected to my old ones..  But yea, my business model works.. I’m sure nothing would come of it if I did and shit did some how get propagated through the net.. But the best remedy to most problems is to avoid them all together






    About model releases: I’ve always had in my contract a point that states that I own all copyrights to the images and that is never released, and that with the copyright, I may display the images online and in print in appropriate manners such as online portfolios, and that I may do this for an unlimited time. after hearing some about model releases, I added another point stating that the client inherently releases the right to their model/likeness in the photographs and that they will not receive any monetary compensation for their likeness being displayed in any kind of advertising for my business. then I have a legal section and one point covered is that I am not responsible for any third-party misusesuch as theft of images but will investigate and take the necessary steps to remove my images of my clients from offending websites or venues.

    Images of my clients appear both on my Flicker and facebook pages for portfolio purposes as well as doubling as marketing tools (such as when a client is tagged, their friends see the photo). While I link my pages to these forums for critiques or examples, I don’t think that falls under any sort of inappropriate use. If someone statrted bashing a client in the comments I’d remove the comment and ban the basher.

    I have had a few clients in the past act wary of photos going on Facebook because they were self-conscious of being photographed. I told them that I will post only a few as portfolio pieces but would respect that they didn’t want many online.


    Like brown eye its in my contract that photos go in my portfolio and are used for marketing purposes. If a client really has a issue then I let them pick the photos that they will let me use. I have no problem removing a photo from my portfolio if a client asks.


    to each his own i suppose ;p


    I’m not marketing or actively and aggressively seeking new clients.. Like aforementioned, I generally get new clients via word of mouth; works for me 😛


    @cameraclicker, Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate it. Here is a link to a good friend of mine who is on the board of our local PPA chapter and does portraits and real-estate photography. More important, he has mentored, trained and encouraged me in many ways, and is a man of impeccable integrity and professionalism:




    Thanks, @pgbrown0517, that’s a nice page!  He has great photos.

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