Fauxtog on Fire

Well, if his photos are twice as good as his graphic design work… wait never mind, they would still be awful.

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  1. Work that pop-up flash!!

  2. Ok, I will go first……
    I love how he is out of scale…..It always screams fauxtog when your body is scrunched up and your appendages are twice as long…..lol.
    And another thought, what the hell is he doing using the pop-up flash???? Oh, wait…. I know……

  3. noice flash

  4. FalconGTHO

    Lol at the crappy pop up flash instead of at least a speedlite.

  5. Scott

    The only way this could be any worse is if he had used Comic Sans.

  6. At least he didn’t use bleeding cowboys

    • Gal with a Camera

      And that font is even WORSE that comic sans! >:[

  7. Cheap pop up flash, amputated left leg, levitation and horizontal distortion. Nice.

  8. James

    It’s like one of those “worst album covers ever” examples.

  9. bubba

    No, no, no… you have it all wrong… this is a Message… a warning of sorts! This is telling us that all bad photographers will be destined to end up in Photography Hell where they will be dressed in black, have their limbs mutated, have to photograph using only the pop-up flash, all while levitating in a ball of squiggly fire! Doesn’t anybody remember what they learned in Sunday School? Heed the message… repent, repent!!

  10. Belongs on You Are Not a Graphic Designer – Not here… Would like to see one of his photos before ragging on him.

    Yes, the pop up is a clue, but sometimes you do have you have to do… That means it’s not a D3, or D4… But again the violin doesn’t make the violinist.

    • Are you insane? Stop defending this moron. He can’t even resize his own photo without messing up the scale. Of course it belongs here.

  11. BurninBiomass

    Roasting nuts …. you are doing it wrong.

  12. juan de fuca

    No, you don’t understand, he has a battery grip! He must be pro!

    • Pelham

      Yeah…so pro that he doesn’t even realize the battery grip has uhm another shutter button on it? And that the whole purpose of that is so you don’t need to crank your wrist around on the top of the camera?

    • I noticed the battery grip as well. I am just trying to work out what camera he is using.

  13. ive used my pop up flash on a few occasions, once to trigger my studio strobes via slave mode when my transmitter got messed up and a couple times at events/weddings when i needed fill light but my gear was elsewhere.

    you guys need to get over yourselves. nikon puts a flash on their prosumer cameras for a reason! maybe he was in manual flash mode and was using it in a controlled way.

    most of you guys dont even share your link so we cant even see how “good” you haters are

  14. Frank

    Pop up flash says enough

  15. Aubrey

    “Fauxtogs roasting on an open fire….”

  16. Not only is he working that pop-up flash, but I wonder if he even KNOWS he’s got it up.

  17. Not only that, the fire background is not his. Wonder if he got permission. TinEye it!

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