Country Girl

That’s not where a hat goes?

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  1. Ernie Ames

    W T F?

  2. Faith S.

    i puked a lil 🙁

  3. people “liked” that???!!! wow… what is it with spot coloring??? if you’re going to do it, at least do it right!! dont leave crappy edges and stuff. take some pride in your work!!!

  4. NicCole

    Yeah… the hat placement is the issue.

  5. Chris

    why is it out of focus?

  6. Viewer

    The pole coming out her butt is interesting
    as well.

  7. Brian

    Wow… nothing like a little spot-color kiddieporn to show the world you’ve got class.

  8. Da'Spencer

    I call this pose the “Ass Hat”…

  9. bandidog

    Someone paid for this,WTF!!!!!

  10. Janelle

    Spot coloring makes me blow chunks…of color.

  11. Would Someone mind showing me some GOOD examples of spot coloring?
    Personally I hate spot coloring in general but I always see people on here saying they wish when people spot colored they would do a good job. Personally I’m not sure if I know what a “good Job” of spot coloring looks like.


  12. erghhh hideous. apart from the crap lighting, b/w conversion, spot colour and composition.. what the frig was the fauxtog thinking with that pose? it’s just.. bad

  13. I believe she’s saying ‘saddle up’.

  14. Kelli

    I…I…I have nothing nice to say about this picture. It’s not even a good attempt at being bad!

  15. BeckyBoo

    Yeeeee Haaaa!!! LOL

  16. Susan

    Blurry, badly colored (technique is not good, leaving excess color and not getting good edges) and why-oh-why are the bench, boots and hat colored and the girl left in B/W? The pose isn’t making sense to me and the hat is oddly placed.

  17. That’s art, baby.

  18. .....

    How old is that girl to be posing like that??

  19. they were actually thinking..”Let’s place this hat on your ass, put you bent over touching this bench..I’ll do some horrible color and hopefully it will be posted to You are not a Photographer!”

  20. FalconGTHO

    Lol. Bend over and take it, baby.

  21. Howie

    im really glad i found this site because if nothing else ive learned Selective Coloring, or what ever its called is not only highly over used, but its highly over used BADLY as well.

  22. Howie

    ps. is THIS what they mean by “asshat” ?

  23. Trevor

    Is it me, or are the boots, and hat photoshopped INTO the photo? Her legs don’t seem to line up properly….

  24. So, do you think “ass hat” is going to be her nickname from now on?

  25. This is so bad that it has to be a joke…right? Come on…No one would do this and give it to a client. Would they?

    I’m debating which is worse, the lighting or the pose, or the spot color, or the focus (or lack thereof), or the BW conversion… Oh, hell all are bad.

    There is definitely something going on with PS or GIMP or something here… Because her legs don’t look right (beyond the Bad BW) and the shadows seem to be coming from 8 directions.

    • I wonder if this was taken at night and the tog was using a flash as well as having light coming from various sources from the street lamps.

      As for the boots. I don’t believe they have been PS’d in. If they are lose around the calves, then her bending over will force the rear of the boot against the rear of her leg. Simples. Any women doubting this-try it. Any men doubting this, get your OH to try it. Or try it yourself if you’re that way inclined 🙂

      • Isabel

        OMG… its times like these I wish they would just get rid of those Canon Rebel series (and whatever the Nikon/Sony/etc. equivalent to those are). Then only the people serious about photography would be shooting. I know its silly, but I look at this crap, and I don’t care. The other day I was shooting a wedding, and some random guest who thinks he knows what he is talking about, told me to set my camera to “M” mode. WTF??? Yeah, I know what fucking ‘M’ mode is you jackass. Its called Manual. I shoot in it daily. I learned how to shoot that way, your just some douchebag with a point and shoot. You think that me, the pro photographer shooting a $25,000 budget wedding doesn’t know what Manual mode is? Get a life.

        End of rant. Sorry, I’ve had a tough week.

  26. Wow! That’s really bad.

  27. All I can think of is from Futurama “Eureka!! the hat goes on the head!!”

  28. Taci McGinness

    This is just awful…all the way around. If I was this poor girl, I be appalled at it being posted on ANY website!

  29. Someone must have got an EOS camera and think that makes them a professional photographer. After all you don’t really have to understand composition, lighting, posing and such. You can take lots of pictures and hope one turns out okay, and fix it up real good with a free program like Gimp!

  30. I wonder what the poor girl’s parents thought when that got posted on the fauxtog’s website? She can’t be more than 13 or 14 at most. Nevermind the horrible photography, this is just trashy. Poor girl 🙁

  31. Frank

    something tells me she has experience in that position

  32. I would love to see the histogram on this one. There are a lot of trouble spots in this image.

  33. Melissa R.

    Nice shinguards! lol.

  34. Wow. Am I the first one to think.. “I’d do her”?

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