Family Of Hands

How is it possible that anyone “liked” this photo!?

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  1. friends of the family?

  2. Cameraman

    It’s a cute idea. I think I would have tried this with palms down and probably not masked badly around it.

  3. monolith

    This is not the most hand-some photo. It leaves me feeling more than a little alienated, cut off.

  4. I’ve seen a similar concept done very well. This is no comparison.

  5. TollToll

    plz tell me that logo doesn’t go all the way across the top like someone will actually steal this mess

  6. did they edit this in Paint????

  7. Poachers have expanded from making ashtrays out of gorilla hands.

  8. Awwww. Thing’s first family photo! I wonder if Gomez or Morticia shot it….

  9. The general public – as a rule – have no taste and no concept of what looks good or bad. Go to Dollar General on any given day and see this acted out in technicolor. When I first started out…and posted (what I now view as) mediocre examples of what a budding professional photographer could offer – I got lots of likes too (granted I was no where near the level of SUCK that most of these fauxtogs are) from family and friends who were being supportive…and now I ask those same people why they thought that work was good when then see what I do now. And I find myself also posting encouraging words on photos of people who I know personally…even if the photos are terrible…because I am a nice person, and have been known to fib about a photo (from a friend who is learning photography) being “good” when in fact it should be on this site. So – take all that into account when wondering why people “like” these awful-a$$ pics. LOL 🙂 Also, for people who can’t even afford their own camera, having someone who actually has a camera and takes their photo for $20, gives them a disc of 100 and pretends to be a professional can make them feel like a Star. It’s all relative.

    • reality check

      The essence of fauxtography explained.

      Why is it considered being “nice” if you say you like and appreciate something you don’t, and to go out of your way to lie to someone about it?

      How is it nice to sell a shoddy product/service while convincing people it’s amazing, wonderful, artistic etc??? (That is until you grow tried of it all, and learn on your own how very difficult it really is, because. No one had the balls to help you and be honest)

      Maybe my age is showing, but I don’t get your way of thinking at all. It’s lose lose

    • ithurtshwhenipee

      Another way to think about fauxtogs, their customers aren’t the people that would pay my prices in the first place. And their portfolios just make my portfolio look even that much better. Fauxtogs do serve a purpose.

      • reality check

        That IS another way to think about it, and a lot of togs do just that. It’s a less involved, and less caring way to go about it, but it works for some. Just don’t keep the blinders on

  10. Ok i sort of get this is not great but its a cute idea and its not up there with the worst on here by miles.

    I’m glad I didn’t part with money for it but hey, there is a lo of stuff on here that makes my eyes bleed, this is just a bit badly done, no biggy

  11. This wouldn’t have been a terrible picture if it wasn’t for the black masking done in MS Paint around it. A crop might have been better, or perhaps a better background

  12. I think they aimed for symbolism of unity as a family. However it would have worked better if they did not cut the hands in the middle because it makes it look like severed hands. If they let the arms come from the borders, our minds will compensate with thinking that outside the border of the photo are complete people.

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