Drowning The Bride


Drowning the bride is always a great way to wrap up a wedding. At least she looks happy to be getting out of the marriage.

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  1. Wedding/Baptism. I mean, two stones and all…

  2. PossibleFotographer

    I always wanted to be a Fotographer!

  3. My favourite part is where is says “fotography” ..

    • The best part is how it’s actually spelled that way in some countries…

      • Not really though. It should be ‘fotografie’ if you’re talking about Dutch, and ‘fotografering’ or ‘fotografia’ in some other languages, but never ‘fotography’.
        But, you should Google ‘fotography’, you get loads of hits!

  4. Bride? Haven’t you guys ever heard of a baptism?

  5. This isn’t really bad photography. It’s more like your poor interpretations of a custom you don’t understand. And for the record, not every language uses the “ph” anti-phenome to spell photography. This site used to showcase bad photography.

  6. I’m with Joshua, this is a good one for the blooper gallery. Kudos to the photographer, er, fotographer for capturing a moment that while it may mean nothing for us, may mean tons to the bride and groom.

    • But I would still not put it in my portfolio. I only put photos in my portfolio that can be understood by others as a stand alone photo. This one might be alright in the context of the whole shoot, but not as a stand alone.

      • as a consumer i don’t want to see all the good perfect shots. I want to see the real shots. and this one is awesome it made me smile and i’m not the bride. Just knowing they got this shot is amazing. Just seems to me most of the “photographers” seem to have a desire to please themselves and other photographers vs the client. . This image did for the client. Portfolio work why not it shows a great emotion everything is lite well and the photographer got real RAW emotion. As a potential customer who wants to do photo shoots. I would be more inclined to go to someone who is real and has work like this verse the latter. i don’t mean to offend anyone but good grif.
        but my opinion is mine and not valid because i do’nt use a camera. i just spend money on people who do.
        isn’t that your target demo.

        errr frustrating.

  7. Why post this? A photographer’s job is to capture moments as they happen and not judge, looks like they did that. And if it is a religious ceremony how tacky to make fun.

  8. Good exposure, accurate colors, all in focus, capturing a real moment. Poor choice for a post on here.

    • Between photos which aren’t fauxtography and the site admin blatantly violating copright law in his “Articles” it really gives one pause. I’m not sure what’s worse.. that behaviour or the people who just seem to lap it up without question.

  9. This is not a bad photo – it’s just a weird scene. I can never understand the point of putting a bride into the water in her wedding dress unless she is totally submerged and you have an underwater housing and the ability to light it and white balance it correctly. Putting her in a pool or stream or lake just doesn’t make sense…you can’t even see the dress. I prefer trash the dress sessions to be on dry land where I can create some beautiful bridal art. But…to each is own.

  10. For some reason, it has become popular to trash the wedding dress by having the bride (and sometimes groom) run into the ocean or a lake wearing the wedding outfit. This seems to be an extension of that concept. The photo itself is not bad; it’s in focus; lighting is decent. I just don’t get that custom. (Then again, I never got the custom of smashing cake in each other’s faces either.)

  11. you dummy, fotographer is how it is spelled in Germany

    • it is NOT spelled that way in Germany – Its spelled Fotograf or for the trade Fotografie – if you want to be grammatically correct. However, germans do like to use the old way more than the correct way, which is spelled with ph instead of the f.

    • maybe think and get your facts straight before you call other people dummies

  12. Technically I would say the photo is alright, as for subject matter, that is a whole different story. But yeah, as has already been said, guess it’s a result of the “trash the dress” trend.

  13. BurninBiomass

    At least they did this in what looks like a pool. I still remember the story of the poor lady swept down a river during a “trash the dress” shoot.

    • Jesus mary and joseph.it’s not a wedding dress it’s a baptism..

      • BurninBiomass

        And the minister is in a wingtip tux shirt? Yea, I think that’s a wedding dress.

      • Petticoat and detailing suggest wedding dress. Also, baptisms aren’t performed in this manner, generally.

  14. Choosing a bad frame to use is equally as offensive as taking the shot.

  15. Worst Case Scenario

    I think you are all missing the point. It’s VERY obviously a life raft in the shape of a bride that is yet to be inflated!

  16. I hate Fauxtography

    Once again, the comments are funnier than the picture, and confirm, without a doubt the photo is indeed worthy of being featured on YANAP

  17. Seems to be a lot of people ripping on this one because of the word “Fotography”. Considering that it is part of an internet domain name and likely also meant to be a sort of branding, I don’t get the problem. Sure it isn’t “correct”, but if we’re going to be spelling-nazis then why not crucify Google for misspelling the name of the really large exponential number, which is actually a googol. This photographer was probably just trying to appear pseudo-euro and edgy, and why not! It seems to have worked for Häagen-Dazs…which is neither a Danish ice cream NOR a real Danish word.

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