Dirty Rope

dirty rope

We’re not really sure what’s going on here. Why is she so dirty? Is she planning to jump!? Don’t do it! You’ll probably feel better if you just take a shower!

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  1. If a pic needs a caption so that I can understand what was going through your mind faux (or non-faux), then it’s a fail. I understand abstract but this one eludes me. Maybe I’m losing my touch but yeah, I don’t get this one at all.

  2. Ok I am looking at her feet and thinking possibly she is a boxer? Maybe she isnt dirty – maybe bruised instead? I mean if her face was that dirty, then her white or light clothing should also be dirty.
    She has a mitten or tape on her one hand. Maybe boxing tape pre-gloves. Or maybe this is a PSA picture speaking otu against violence towards women.
    The ropes symbolizing escape to freedom.
    Or maybe she is a pirate in charge of swabbing the deck.
    Ok that’s about all the excuses and explanation I can give for this.

  3. Symbolic or not, the editing is horrible.

  4. This is clearly a symbol of man’s struggle against rope.

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