Dead Doggy

Always nice when a Fauxtog can make Man’s Best Friend appear dead!

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  1. Wow….they really bought that ‘road kill’ mood to this ‘portrait’….the HDR just makes everything seem that more like a nightmare…..

    • That’s not hdr, it’s blown out.

      • The tone and color of the grass suggest it’s an attempt at HDR. If it were truly just blown out the way the highlights on the dog suggest, the grass would likely be extremely blown out and have a yellow tint to it.

  2. Peace

    It’s bright. So very, very bright.

  3. Flash

    Good grief.

  4. Ali C

    The light…it burns…

  5. No doubt it’s a terrible picture, but the dog looks like it’s sleeping, not dead.

    • HennyM

      that’s what i tell my daughter, when we see some dead animal: it’s only sleeping.

    • Shelley

      Yes, yes he’s sleeping, with his eyes wide open, in a pool of radiation 😉

  6. BurninBiomass

    Wow, that light. I assume it died of sunstroke.

  7. I’m noticing how we can tell that the horizon is tilted even without being able to see the horizon.

  8. Bad photo? Yes. However I dont think it counts as fauxtography without having a watermark on it. Or at least a screenshot showing that it was taken from “i own a dslr so i’m a professional”s facebook page.

    • Baw Dov-Viss

      Perhaps we’ve just seen too many of these – I remember when this site exposed real faxtogs, there were no pop-ups and comments were more witty and informed. Time to say goodbye – thanks for the laughs, it was fun.


    Yep! I agree, nothing to show it is a photographer…could be anyone that blew out this photo!

  10. flyguy

    Just a LITTLE bit more contrast and saturation and this will be perfect… Agree with others though; this may not even be a fauxtographer.

  11. Geno T

    I’ve loved coming to this site… but what is up with the pop up crap? Too much trashy spammy popup stuff detracts from all the rediculous photos. The site is a great learning tool and fun entertainment, but so long for now. I’ll check back in a few months too see if the owners can find a less tacky way to monetize their site..

  12. I’m running AdBlocker so I don’t get the popups, but am finding myself in agreement with others over the increasing number of mundane bad snapshots that could be from anywhere. Sure I’ll join in the WTFing fun when somebody is actually passing bad work off as professional, but some of this stuff is beginning to smack of fabricated badness for the sake of content.

  13. Ipshwitz

    I’m in 100% agreement – it seems any bad photograph is now popping up on this site. If there isn’t a watermark or some way to show that it’s part of a “professional” portfolio it shouldn’t be on here. Even if it’s a screen shot of a Facebook page that has a blurred studio name or studio album. What’s even worse is every day there are hundreds of new Fauxtographers popping up that deserve a spot on this site, yet get shoved into the back pocket because mommy took a bad photo of the family dog, posted it on her Facebook page and then winds up here.

    • Like any good site that starts with the good intention of mocking people, it became too big for its own good and was forced to post things that were mediocre in the scheme of things, just so it can keep up its popularity and post count.

  14. Clarky

    looks like heat stroke.

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