Purple Net Head

Hardcore… Marilyn Manson sure would be proud if he saw this photo!

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  1. Allright, it’s a net bag – you can SEE if there are any onions left without stuffing your head in there… sheesh

  2. Rizzo



  3. tripichick


  4. What is that shadows in the right down corner?

  5. Susan

    They couldn’t iron the backdrop? They couldn’t use better lighting or have the model stand away from the backdrop to minimize that shadow? The purple net is the least of my concerns. I mean, whatever.

  6. armpit hair… & everything

    • meggy

      Armpits have hair, it’s normal. Not something to have to hide or shave!

      • hairypitssuck

        yes. Yes they do. fingernails grow but do you let them grow forever?
        Shave that crap off.

  7. Peter


    Thrash Metal Fan Suicides by Suffocation

  8. Cock Baggian

    Ha Ha! Is that dude? Fuck Everyone!!!

  9. Alise

    Okay I’m a metal head and, this picture makes absolutely no sense to me. Is he (or she?) like trying to suffocating himself in a net? I don’t understand what’s happening.

  10. Pelham

    Autoerotic asphyxiation…you’re doing it wrong.

    Also LOVIN the rubber spikes on the wristband. Guess Mommy wouldn’t let them get actual metal spikes in case they hurt themselves.

  11. Mr.Four

    Alrighty… bring him about 8 feet from the background, turn this into a low key head shot only, 1/16 or lower from the side and another light from the back for rim, f/8-f/11 @ 250 bam! Purple netted demonic whatever. But it’ll work better than this wtf image.

    • Agreed. Lighting would be vastly improved in your scenario.

      Additionally, if they really wanted to hold to the net theme, they could trade the physical net for a gobo with a net pattern, maybe toss a purple gel on there for the color. From there, you could probably get away with using the gobo on either the subject or the backdrop and come away with something that’s a hair more well produced while still holding to the general image they want to convey.

  12. I’m pretty sure thats a loofah.

  13. spike

    I’m pretty sure that’s just purple sheer netting material. Onion bags aren’t that fine. Why it’s in this photo I have NO idea. Maybe the ‘tog heard somewhere that you can fix some of the harshness of an onboard flash by using fine sheer fabric..? If there is a subsequent image with the model’s head wrapped in amber cellophane we’ll know for sure.

  14. This is the cover photo for the upcoming book “When photography props go too far”.

  15. xma1e

    It must have looked good in his head, only he did too much dope that day.

  16. Kristin

    I don’t know what’s funnier on this site: the pictures themselves OR reading through the list of funny comments and then stumbling on the comments where some person feels the need to frantically point out every exact photography technicality that’s wrong with the photo and then list the exact settings – including F-stops and ISO – they would have used, as if to scream “See, look at me! I’m a ‘real’ photographer.” lol Take a deep breath and relax.

  17. meggy

    No logo on this pic – is it a photographer pic or someones snap? If the former then yep, it’s rubbish. If the latter then it’s silly fun.

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