Color Kiss

I made the exact same face as that baby when I saw this picture.

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  1. another win for Picasa

  2. deltaridge

    Oh my goodness! I just don’t even know where to begin.

  3. Oh, my goodness… Why must people think that just because they can depress a shutter release they are a photographer? This is a snapshot…. and a bad one at that! So why make it worse with editing? There is NOTHING that someone could do to save that shot!

  4. Run! The vampires take over!

  5. It looks like the evil baby is draining all their essence and absorbing it herself to become more powerful so she can take over the world.

    • Canaduck

      That is exactly what I thought! XD

    • BurninBiomass

      Bwahahahahah Tammy! Ok, the kid needs a good villain name. The Colormaster? The Chroma King? The Desaturator?

  6. ShutterbugDoug

    The things fauxtogs will put their watermarks on never ceases to amaze me. There is nowhere to start because it’s a horrible shot to begin with. Where was the location? The dump? Too much distraction with background objects, shot from above, probably to hide the front end loader working behind them. Moms face is hidden by her hair, Dad missed the cheek and went for the temple. Needless to say the look of despair on the kids face and spot coloring? Seriously? Excuse me while I go throw up. This is one picture that should never go to print because it was deleted on site.

  7. Barf!

  8. I cannot begin to describe how much I hate spot coloring.

  9. Frankie

    Yep, that is going to look totally amazing on someones wall!

  10. Canon T70

    Babby’s first photoshop

  11. artie fufkin

    is this some sort of commune with the dead? the baby is being kissed by the ghost of dead relatives

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