The Ghost Fairy And The Tiger

Obviously this photo makes perfect sense… The tiger ate the fairy, now the fairy is haunting the tiger!

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  1. what in the hell.

  2. Interestingly, the tiger seems to have been taken from this French blog-site (about 3/45 of the way down) which may well have “borrowed” it from somewhere else.

  3. Where are you finding these gems? lol

  4. Bernard Rentajag

    What makes it worse is that it looks like they actually took a reasonable picture of the baby to start with.

    • Reasonable? Are you sure? Even at 60% opacity I can notice a couple of inexcusable outrages, but maybe your average level is near it.

  5. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    I wonder who they stole the tiger picture from.

  6. Faith Simbeck

    Hey kid…would ya mind sprinklin’ some fairy dust on that Wildabeest for me, I’m famished, but Im feelin kinda lazy! Ha.

  7. So..the story being told is..what??…..the tiger ate the baby and the baby’s sweet li’l spirit is now haunting the tiger?

  8. michael

    The tiger ate the baby, the baby is haunting the tiger, and if it doesn’t stop, the tiger is going to eat the ghost!

  9. Gal with a Camera

    I’ll betcha ten bucks that they got that tiger picture from a google image search!! Lol

  10. BurninBiomass

    I get it, the baby is a Tiger Moth (either the plane or the insect) !

  11. If they took the tiger photo from google or somewhere and have just added this child to it thats bang out of order( obviously).

  12. Maybe the baby is the Tiger’s spirit animal? Looks like she’s offering “advice” (psst! hey Tiger! Eat that Wildebeest!)

  13. “Hey, my baby is cute and all but I really would like the focus to be on the tiger”… nailed it.

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