Christmas Frowns

christmas frowns

All they wanted for Christmas was a decent photographer… No wonder they looks so sad!

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  1. A cute enough idea but totally bad colour, light focus and the poor people ! I hope some of the pictures turned out with nice looks on their faces and both looking at the camera. It’s like they were not quite ready for the photo and the fauxfessional should not have included this on any site or portfolio. It certainly does this couple no justice and is really unflattering.

    • I agree, it’s quite dismal. I don’t know if the faux thought that the “sepia-like” tint creates a better shot or if they used it to hide a crappy one. Either way, as you say, it does not forgive the poor lighting and such slow shutter speed it can’t compensate for the slight movement of the canes. The only thing I differ on is that I think they were ready for the faux to take the shot. I’ve seen this look before on couples. The look is one of a couple who is not fully engaged by their photographer. I’ve had one or two shots like this before I “loosen” them up and help to make them comfortable, then binned them. When will these fauxs learn to bin their mulligans?

      • That is an interesting thought about engaging the couple and putting them at ease. That is precisely what it looks like.
        They seem awkward and unsure instead of having a little fun with it. It obviously wasn’t meant to be a really serious photo session. I am hoping this couple got some photos that were more relaxed and natural.

  2. I continue to be amazed at how some people choose to present themselves in photos. I would have to not shower for about three days to achieve the same look, and also travel back in time to 2004 Corpus Christi, Texas, to get that handsome devil’s clothes.

    • Some people think it is cool not to smile in photographs. They think it makes them seem aloof and sophisticated.

  3. you can hardly make out the rest of the trailer.

  4. nishiki

    @ Bee,

    I can’t stop laughing, Corpus indeed….maybe the Bluff.

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