Green Dress

green dress

We’re really not sure what the Fauxtog was going for with this one…

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  1. heather clark

    I don’t care if you don’t like my work, that’s your business, but you have no right to use it. Take this down or hear from my lawyer.

    • randomperson

      you’re right it’s yours but seriously? 😀

    • if you’re upset about it, file a DMCA. this isnt hard. its easier than arguing about it.

  2. Ashley evans

    The only person i signed a release for was heather clark so you have no right to have a photo of me on your sight. If youdont like the picture thats your opinion plenty of other people love her work. This isnt yours so you have no right to put it up without prior authorization.


    You guys are fucking cunts for publicly trying to sham a starting artist. I hope you rot in the 8th ring of hell. Everyone has to start somewhere, and maybe this picture isn’t the best. But we all know it takes several maybe even hundreds of takes to get maybe 10 good ones. And as fellow artists we should support each other because the world is harsh as it is, and I believe the only enemies we should have are our own thoughts of self doubt. Not pathetic people who are undoubted insecure about themselves up to the point that they have to tear down someone.

    I know personally that this photographer is one of the kindest and thoughtful person i have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and though she is not professional she acts like it and manages to have fun. She is where I got my start, and not soon after I got other opportunities that lead to me working with the play boy and maxim models to get into a gig that is in front of thousands of people. So GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!

    ( and I’m truly sorry if you feel bullied and that i had to say all this, but you clearly need to rethink some of the things that you put out there. And i hope you grow as a person. good day.)

    • randomperson

      Kind people do dumb and bad shit too. And we’re still shamed for it (including me if I do stupid shit). That’s nothing new.
      Just don’t put up stuff that’s embarrassing. To give an analogy, most people don’t upload pictures where they look ugly either.

  4. It is strange that someone critiquing in the world of photographer would use a photo without permission. This is one of the man concerns in the professional world of photography and it’s called theft. You should apologize and remove this immediately. You are invalidating your work. Want to be professional then act like it.

    • You need to look up fair use. Criticism is a core tenet of fair use. It’s not theft, it’s actually protected speech. So…. IF one wants to be a photographer, one should at least get acquainted with copyright law. (Assumptions made that the creator of the work lives in the US.)

  5. Charles Clark

    This is a website for people who can’t in fact take decent photo’s themselves. They make themselves feel good by trying to make others feel bad.

    • I disagree. Many people who comment here offer constructive criticism. It is more helpful to a starting photographer than legions of friends who say “Wow! Great shot!” to every piece of garbage the budding photographer makes.

      So many terrible shots and yet all the friends and all the other budding photographers in their little circle continue to heap praise on them for the worst stuff, rather than trying to help them and each other with real tips and hints and critique.

  6. Tom Keenes

    Lol look at all the idiot friends of the fauxtog commenting on here.

    Time better spent educating your fauxtog friend on how to take real photos!

  7. Truly sad the lack of respect people now have and think it’s ok to put others down. No one has the right to just take something without asking. There is only one true judge. Wether face to face or on the internet no one has the right to take down someone self worth.

  8. Interesting language from some of these people. I’m not sure why you’re all so worked up. To me at least, I see nothing derogatory inferred about the photo or subject. “We’re really not sure what the Fauxtog was going for with this one…” is just a way of saying “I don’t get the point of the photo”. The caption says nothing about how it’s crappy, the lighting sucks, or the processing leaves something to be desired. None of that at all.
    I suspect that it will get taken down eventually though I doubt that you’ll be able to afford a lawyer who’ll “take the case”. It will likely be taken down simply because it’s not interesting enough (and yes, because you and and friends used foul language and the photographer doesn’t have her thick skin that a photographer eventually grows as yet). And in case you were wondering, photos posted on the net can be moved around and posted under the creative commons license. If you don’t want anyone to repost your photo or to comment on it, put it somewhere that you need a password to access. Anything on FB is fair game. And yes, this site may poke at below par work, and some simply ridicule while others like myself (and actually is the point of this site) like to use them as examples of photos that you should make you want to aim higher.

  9. Charles Clark

    Actually, photos posted on FB are NOT fair game. FB can use them, but that’s it. According to U.S. copyright laws, the photographer owns all rights to the photo, unless otherwise stated. Since no photos on this site were used with permission of the copyright holders, the owners of the site are subject to a significant class action lawsuit.

    The urban myth that if it’s on the web, it’s free, it not true. In the United States, copyright vests in a work when it is created (17 U.S.C. 302 (a)) and “fixed in any tangible medium” (17 U.S.C. 102 (a)). While many think that an unmarked photo is in the public domain, in fact, after 1989, the copyright notice is no longer required to preserve a work’s copyright protection.

    • It’s not that it’s “free” Charles. It’s that it can be reposted. FB only claims not to take ownership from you. FB does not protect the photo from going elsewhere. Anyway, there is no urban myth about work on the web being “free”. That’s the claim people who steal a pic to place on their website in order to create an instant portfolio use. The rest of us know better. Any pic on my website or anywhere I’ve put it on the web can be shared, pinned, tweeted or what have you. It’s when someone posts it for financial gain I get miffed. Of course the photographer owns the pic (in Canada, the instant to press the shutter). That still doesn’t keep it from being posted someone for people to see. As long as no financial gain is made (and really, I think photo credits should be used but this site seems to think they are helping the fauxs be keeping their identity secret), you can post a pic or link to it. Do you know how many times in my blog I’ve posted a link to a story about Canon? I haven’t heard from them yet telling me they don’t want me posting pics of their updates and software along with Sandisk and Nasa and so on. No one would be here raising a stink about copyrights if the site were named “wonderful pictures” and a dozen people posted how lovely the table was blown out improved the shot. Thick skins people. You need em.

    • Section 107 of the US Copyright office discusses Fair Use, which permits other people to use copyrightable material without the owner’s consent if it is used in a reasonable manner for certain purposes. If this photo was being used as an advertisement for a green dress, then it would not be considered a fair use. Since the photo is not being used as an advertisement, or for personal gain, there is little to no adverse impact on the owner of the photo based on the use this site, then there is a good chance that it will be construed as a fair use.

  10. I agree with Bob in that nothing derogatory has been said about this photo, other than the not understanding what was going on. There is so much wrong with this, and because the fauxtog used her real name, it was easy to track her down on Facebook and find her photographer page. I’m not going to share the name, but I would say you got of easy with them picking this particular photo.

    There is so much wrong with the hundreds of photos on the fauxtog’s Facebook page, I don’t know how they picked just one. There was one with “Charlie” and his senior pic session where the “Helper” wandered off and she didn’t have help with her light diffuser. Do you even know what that mean? Poor charlie is sitting in heavy shade and you can’t hardly see him. A real photographer would never post such a thing, unless they were proving a point in this is how you can use a reflector or flash to fill in and properly expose the photo, but you would need to understand light to do that, and it’s obvious this fauxtog doesn’t have that understanding.

    I also doubt in your ability to acquire a lawyer to fight a losing battle, as no one has claimed to have created this piece, just simply displaying it and they are kind enough to cover up the actual owner, to protect you.

    • Peaches

      Except she did claim to create this piece when she posted it. Your and other people’s opinions of her art work is irrelevant as everyone is entitled to their opinion . Taking and posting with no link back or attribution is an insult to all of the people who worked on this piece. I’d like to know how you know any image from her page when there is no link back or attribution which is in violation of fair use as is the use of her logo. Insult her work and insult her all you want. That doesn’t make taking and posting it to one’s own web site legal.

      • spfldPhoto

        He’s saying You are not a photographer did not claim they created the pieced, and they have not said anything negative, so they have done nothing wrong and through Fair Use right are posting the photo. He also said that the photographer posted using her real name, see first comment from Heather Clark. With very little effort, you can find her on Facebook, and her photography page is listed on her profile.

        He also said that she should feel lucky that they picked this shot, as I too have looked, and there are far worse photo’s they could have picked. Photography is not about pointing a camera and pushing a button and then running every action or effect you have in your photo software to make it art. Yes, art is what we make of it, but just because you have a camera, and take photo’s doesn’t make you a photographer, any more than boiling water makes you a chef, or pumping gas makes you a mechanic.

        All these people that are defending this work need to take a step back, and take your mommy/daddy/hudband/friend glasses off, and see it for what it really is. A bad photograph. It’s friends and family that are afraid to criticize their loved ones that enables bad photography. I’ve heard it time and time again, as I was leaning my craft ‘Oh you take beautiful photographs, you should start a business”. These early photographs were awful, out of focus, bad composition, bad lighting, and all the other mistakes that a beginning might make, but my friends and family didn’t want to hurt my feelings, and told me how great I was. I couldn’t in my right mind, charge people for what I knew was bad work. Can you honestly say you’ve seen any work like this, or any of Heather’s other work in a magazine or online other than her own Facebook page? No, I’m sure you haven’t, because it’s just not good. Does that mean she sucks as a photographer? No, it just means that she has some learning to do.

      • To be fair, I think there was no link back in kindness to the photographer. This is not a picture to be proud of and it might have only invited some unfair comments on the photogs page.

  11. first time i’m reading the comments here and it is even funnier than the pictures. Thanks for the good laugh and yeah, seriously, learn the basics please, you are an embarrassment to this sinking profession.

  12. Rey Varela

    I think this site is in bad taste!

  13. Candid Candy Photography is what you are looking for if you dare to see the rest…

  14. So glad the fauxtographer posted, I was dying to see what the rest of her stuff looked like. Must of been a hard choice on which to choose for this site

  15. I don’t know what is going on in any of her images, looks like a giant clusterfuck with no cohesion at all. Half of them I was waiting to finish loading before I realized, yup, they are that out-of-focus. Please tell me people don’t actually pay her for that nonsense.

  16. jussharp

    This site might be questionable in its taste or it could be valuable if the people featured would stop being defensive and step back and reassess their skills. The Dunning-Kruger effect in part says that the unskilled often have an inability to recognize their ineptitude. I think this is much of the problem with fauxtogs. They go into photography to quickly before they develop the ability to evaluate their work so they never really know their shortcomings and thus never develop the skills to produce a good photo.

    • randomperson

      I think the problem is a combination of not having examined a lot of great photos and not being honest with themselves.

  17. Oh come on. This site is an embarrassment to itself. The owners of YANAP aren’t “professional photographers” combing the internet looking for bad photography to critique. True photographers and photography critics don’t have time for this, and are too professional to shame others in a public forum. These people are cowards who hide behind their computer screens to make fun of others, like little girls on a middle school playground. They aren’t even photographers at all. They don’t pick the images- images are submitted to them via email, by haters of the so-called “fauxtographers”, whose work they display, to have others make fun of. Been watching this site for years, and that is how it works. No more, no less. They love it when a stink is raised, if the creator of the images find out.

  18. Fauxtog: Your insight is abysmal. You sound like a soccer mom yelling at the teacher after they said your fifth grader still can’t fucking read. Instead of outing yourself by drawing all kinds of the wrong sort of attention, ignore, move on, study, improve. That’s all there is to it.

    • Also it is just hilarious that you chose to reply with your FULL NAME. Great job!

  19. The rest of her photos are not only horribly composed and edited, many of them are out of focus!! I love that instead of making her photography better, she’s moving her pics to Flickr and deactivating the fb page. The least she can do is study youtube tutorials and make herself better! They’re just bad.

  20. Either you can accept critiques and get better, or you cannot. Unfortunately, too many people who pick up a camera cannot accept critiques and usually use excuses such as “I got 100 likes on that photo” or “I’m really busy with clients, so obviously my work is great” or “Look at all the positive comments from my friends”. It’s all BS. The above photo is not good. Suck it up and try to improve instead of just pushing out the same mediocre nonsense.

    The photography profession is like a sinking ship.

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