I’ll toast to that! Oh damn, I think I just drank the future bride and groom. That always happens to me.


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  1. OMG. at a loss for words. that is atrocious.

  2. Awesome! I can do that in Photoshop in 5 minutes!

  3. DK Smoke

    Awesome! Radical! Awesome! Totally pretentious!

  4. Oh dear god … no!!!!

  5. A black baby! In a brandy snifter!

  6. I like how there was no attempt to blend the edges. Classy.

  7. Aberline

    This concept has been done a million times…and none of them looked that awful.

  8. I’ve had an old wedding photographer tell me he had a medium format camera set up with marks on the ground glass for this type of shot. Frame up the still life (bottles, glasses, etc) and shoot 12 shots on a couple of rolss. Re-roll the 120 and then pose the bride and groom for the 2nd exposure.

    When done right it isn’t that bad. Retro but not bad. This sucks more than my wife’s Dyson.

    • Anonymous

      This was always done in the darkroom not the camera.

      • No it wasn’t.

        It is easier and faster to do in camera. Pay attention to the position, masking, and exposure, it is just a matter of clicking the shutter (24 times in my example above) and having any lab make prints like normal. And if you shoot slides, it is nearly impossible to do in the darkroom.

        You can even do this with Nikon digital cameras today.

    • My cousin did this kind of a shot with his girlfriend back in like ’91…it looked so much better back in the early 90’s

  9. I did the same picture of my son as a joke for my husband! Your baby in a brandy sniffer! There was an awesome snl skit about that

  10. Anonymous

    You could even order them from the lab. They had master mask negs for the still life and printed the couple in.

  11. SMH…. unbelievable

  12. Katherine

    Now hurry and get this printed and put make sure you put in in one of the gold plastic poster frames with a nice sheet of plastic covering it…..I NEVER understood these type of pictures….they just scream white trash trailer park to me

  13. When I first started playing around in PS, this is the kind of image I’d have produced (if I’d had the poor taste to think of it). I imagine I’d have used a real photo of a glass, though…this glass either isn’t a photo or has been edited so much that it no longer looks like one.

    So a “drawn” glass, a photo of flowers, and a hastily cut out picture that looks like it’s a sticker on the glass when I assume they wanted them to look like they were inside it. And although the glass has no shadow, the flowers do, so…I will say that the solid dark-gray background is very nice, though. Kudos.

  14. Art_student13

    I think this picture would have been done better if the editor didn’t stop 25% through the process.

    If the picture was more like a reflection in the glass rather than a cut up picture placed in it…THEN it might look a bit better….

    a bit…

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