Fauxtography Business Names

At least fauxtogs name their business in a way that you can immediately spot them. While I’ve seen a few businesses with some of these in their names that are legit, usually if the business name includes any of the following, there’s a fauxtographer taking pictures on automatic.





I know I’m missing some, add them in the comments.

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  1. Any chance you could drop the InfoLinks? It’s incredibly annoying to not know whether a link is worth following or just auto-inserted.

  2. I think it should be bonus points if they string the words together…

    Timeless Treasured Moments Photography

  3. Precious
    and, of course, the most common is {Name} Photography

    • More accurately: [Firstname] [Lastname] PHOTOGRAPHY

      • I am still new to the business…. but I am a first name.last name business name.
        The main reason was trade marks… trademarking and coming up with an original non cheesy name is hard (for me) I wanted something short and catchy, so thats why I opted for my name as my business.

      • Agreed. I use my name, mostly because I knew anything I came up with would be cheesy and dumb. And also so people associate the business with me.

      • weegee123

        then maybe you are cheesy and dumb. If you don’t have the creativity to come up with a name, get out of the creative business.

      • I use two business names… my own name for the stuff I prefer, and {little buck} photography (oh yes, with the brackets… I didn’t register the name with the brackets though) for portraits since I’m in an area with a lot of sales for child and baby photography… “Cutesy” sells. I thihnk it’s safe to say that photography is a lot like prostitution…. I even use the same motto “I’m always avaliable, but I’m NEVER free” LMAO!

      • Incredulous

        Jeremy Cowart Photography
        Allison Rogers Photography
        Sallee Photography
        Cade Martin Photography
        David Middleton Photography

        Yeah, you might want to rethink that classification. Taking enough pride in your work to put your name on it doesn’t make you a fauxtographer.

      • I gotta agree with incredilous on this one. just because this one is common doesn’t mean it’s for fauxtogs.

        Kristen Weaver Photography
        Keri Myers Photography
        Tamara Lackey Photography….to name a few more

        Then there’s the guys like Chase Jarvis & Zack Arias who don’t even have to have the word photography after their names.

        I’m a {first name} {last name} photography biz & i’m definitely not a newbie shooting on auto.

      • Incredulous

        Actually, Zack’s business name is Photography by Zack Arias. Chase is Chase Jarvis Inc., but the point still stands. Just because some fauxtogs think so highly of themselves that they use their name in their business does not mean everyone that does is a fauxtog. “All poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles.”

      • Nikon Or Nothin'

        Agreed. I use my maiden name and married name (instead of my first) together. I’m no prop-overload, color-pop-&-borders-are-my-only way of editing, auto photographer. I know my stuff. I mean, I’m creative naturally, but coming up with a non-cheesy name proved tough so I just went with the obvious, my name. But, for laughs, here are a few fauxtography names in my area:


        A Stich In Time (They’re fauxtographers AND quilt makers!)

        Front Porch Photography

        Smiles and Memories

        Visions to Images

        Say Cheez!

      • You Are Not a Photographer

        Are you kidding? Lots of non fauxtographers use their name.

      • As a sole proprietor in PA (where I live) if you don’t use your name for your business or part of it, you need to register your business name and publish it in 2 legal/local publications. Much easier to use your name than go through all that stuff. Some people don’t do that just because they are lazy, there are legal reasons behind it.

      • Anonymous

        Like OMG, i totally agree…. i mean *gasp* have you SEEN Audrey Woulard Photography?! Pffff, such a poser!!! How about Keri Meyers Photography? What ARE they thinking?! Using their {first name} {last name} photography! BAHAHAHA. Faux-sure!

      • Wsroadrunner

        You mean like Bryan F peterson Photography? Or maybe GW Burns Photography? I’m sure you would think them to be “posers” but in fact they are some of the highest paid photographers in the business (also 2 of the best).

        Put your money where your mouth is, Anonymous

      • Aardvark

        I think Anonymous was being sarcastic.

      • wsrr – can’t you feel the sacasm dripping off of Anonymous’ post?? She’s listing top photogs!

      • Incredulous

        It’s times like this that life needs a Sarcasm font.

      • Anonymous

        um… yes WSroadrunner…. i was being VERY sarcastic and the PHOTOgraphers i listed i greatly admire. I’ll second the need for a sarcasm font…. *obviously* i wasn’t ‘obvious’ enough…. next time i’ll close with: {/dripping in sarcasm} THANKS to all the awesome people who DID get it!! First Name /Last Name photography is NOT a sign of FAUXtography!! I heart people who heart the obvious!! 🙂

      • My business name is a first name/last name business. i’m an official, registered, tax paying business who has been rather successful for a number of years. i have numerous cameras (all 5D mark 2s) and back up gear and have never shot on auto. i dont charge $100 for weddings and i dont use picnik for editting…

        so pretty sure you should rethink your grouping people with first name/last name businesses in with fauxtographers!!!

      • Wsroadrunner

        I have to disagree on the photographers name with thier business.

        I figure it this way, if a photographer isn’t willing to put their name and their personal reputation on their work, is it really worth having them do the shots?

        I doubt the qualifications of those who use annon names for their business moreso, makes me think of them as fly by night photogs.

      • My favourite photographers all go by their names for their business including myself. I went to college for photography and 90% of the photog graduates use their names. The only ones who don’t have partnered up with another photographer and thus have a company name.

      • Futurama Fry

        Not sure if trolling or just stupid.

      • Anyone heard of Jasmin Star Photography…? She is not a fauxtographer by any stretch of the imagination…

        This is trolling of the highest degree, some people are total douche-bags!

      • Hmm Ansel Adams?!?

    • Incredulous

      Really? Some of the best photographers I’ve ever seen use their name in their business name.

      • Wsroadrunner

        I guess some people have never heard of Art Ketchum Photography, huh?

      • Incredulous

        The list could go on and on and on. Seriously, someone didn’t think out that response before they made it.

      • Using your {First Name} {Last Name} Photography/studio speaks volumes to your customers.

    • hey! im a [first name] [last name] photography, business name and i’d hardly consider myself a fauxtographer. i’m not perfect and i definitely have photographer idols who i strive to be at their caliber. just because someone doesn’t want to come up with some catchy clever photography name doesn’t mean they’re a bad photographer. there are thousands upon thousands of photographers out there, how many new and unique names can you come up with before you’re just rehashing the same concept name?

      secondly, when my husband joined my photography business we considered going by “the red shoes photography” because i own a pair of red flats i frequently wear and he has a pair of red chucks. unfortunately the name was already taken. plus i didn’t feel like trying to redirect my client base to a new name… just confusing.

      so just because your name is in your photography name doesn’t mean your a fauxtog.

      as for the forever, unique, timeless, memories, moments, captured… blah. blah. blah. so true.

    • I use my name as well. I am in a smaller college town where both of my parents are well known and from that, so am I. Using my name has actually really helped my business grow a lot.

    • Hey, “Sav”…

      The best name FOR a photography business IS the person’s name. Why would people think someone is arrogant for using their name? You sound very silly for even mentioning “Name” Photography in the same post as the fauxtog business names.

    • John is Awake

      Hey Weegee,
      You mean like Ansel Adams Photography? Jerk.

  4. “Snapshots”

  5. Anonymous

    I know someone who’s “business” name is Treasure Moments Photography. Fauxtography at its finest!

    • Oh dear I just searched Treasure Moments photography on facebook …. ugh… that’s pretty bad!

      • Ay dio mio! I especially love the previews with multiple picnick effects! CLASSY!

      • D: Oh My Gawd.

      • Incredulous

        Iron your freaking backdrops people! HOW HARD IS THAT?! Or at least learn how to blur it in edit. SERIOUSLY! I think that is my #1 pet peeve. My friend just got her daughter’s school pictures back and the fauxtographer who did them had a wrinkly background and she wants her money back.

      • What’s funny, Is I just looked it up too!! This site is so accurate 😀 ROFL.

    • Man, NONE of that is in focus! She’s using autofocus? Badly? How does one fail at even that. They’re all horrible. And uploading every single shot taken, oy. Cheerleaders with awkward expressions, ahoy!

    • Loving the date stamp on some of those picture! Tacky! What a crock!

      • And OMG the over saturated images…apparently they have some tanning issues…cause some of those people look orange! Wow.

  6. Captivations – a modification to “Capture”

  7. also want to disagree strongly with [first name] [last name] photography being a sign of a bad photographer (and not just because my name is included in my business name) A LOT of great photographers use their names as their studio name, and for good reason- THEY are the product.

  8. Fotography

    • "Photography"


      Keep in mind that other cultures have languages which do not use your precious Greek/Latin spelling.

  9. Some people need to really think about what they are saying. I am a photographer – im not the best, and i know there is always room for improvement… BUT COME ON!!!!!
    Who cares if a photographer uses their own name as their business name???
    I do, doesnt make me less of a photographer for doing it.
    look at any other business that uses their own name in their business.. EG – alot of tradesmen use their own name. Seriously.

  10. anytime they change the letters in photography or any variation of the word just drives me crazy!

    • "Photography"


      Keep in mind that other cultures have languages which do not use your precious Greek/Latin spelling.

      • too fast

        Even when they have spelled something wrong in the language they grew up speaking. These girls changed beso to besso, “Because we thought that gave the word more umph” So besso fotografia it became. Fauxtographers all the way.

      • AbsyntheGreene

        Yes, but I think Anna was referencing the cultures that DO
        Feel free to take your self-righteous pseudo-intellectualism with you when you leave.

    • Stephanie

      “Pro’tography” gag

  11. Patricia Vandervoort Photography hahahahaha I LMFAO 🙂

  12. lasting

  13. Anonymous

    Don’t forget “Dazzle” lol

  14. Whiteimages

    I have to agree, every “real” professional I know uses their First and Last name in their business and they are great! Ive never seen a fauxtog have their name in it just some cheesy name like the ones stated

  15. Kaptured (gross)

  16. In Dallas we have a precious memories services.. PMS ?

  17. I think the top for fauxtographer’s naming, has to be using “Studio” or “Studios” when there is actually no physical studio location

    • I’ve never yet seen a fauxtographer with “studio” or “studios” in their name, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration.

      Just a little FYI, some of us who don’t have a studio yet (but are educated, trained, and experienced in studio lighting), are waiting for our businesses to grow before jumping into the overhead, expenses, hiring employees, and all the other complications having an actual studio presents.

      • I agree Mariah! I used studio for my business because I do hair as well as growing my photography skill. I never had a dedicated studio, I worked from home, but I had everything I needed to begin to grasp lighting.

  18. Anonymous

    You are missing business names that have “Pics” or “Snaps” in them, those are the worst offenders.

  19. Anonymous

    “Lifetography” by (first name) (last name)…and the photography is just as bad as the name, actually it might be worse!!

  20. I would like to know what the Creator of this site calls their buisness

  21. Anonymous

    Anything with a flower in the name. (Rose, Daisy, etc…..)

  22. A REAL Fauxtog would use a special word like “memories”, too

  23. Wsroadrunner

    Some of my favorite fauxtograppers names…

    Precious Moments

    Mako (fitting… reminds me of a shark)

    and my alltime favorite generic name…. Sunshine.


  24. Anything with insect names…. Ladybug Photography, Firefly Photography, Flutterby Pictures, etc etc.

  25. I’m so thrilled we are posting places to go…I have been jaw droppingly shocked for the better part of half an hour! Thanks y’all!

  26. I’ve seen several terrible photography pages that have the name “FLASH” in it. And I do think they mean the on camera flash…at all times…

  27. Captured moments.
    Special treasures.
    When shutters click.
    La Vita Bella (there were four variations of this one in my city ALONE a few years ago).
    Anything with “Child” or “Mommy” in it.

  28. Vintage. Momma. Wife. Sparkle.

  29. I named my business 3/20 Photography, The number refers to March 20. On that date 3 years ago (2008) at 9:35 A.M. my mom passed away, and that very day at 5:55 P.M. my daughter was born. So my business is a tribute to that day that I will never forget. The bad and the good.

  30. The worst and most ridiculous fauxtog name I’ve ever seen is: ‘Rip it up photography’ an overnight facebook page business. Their images reflect the name perfectly, definitely need to rip them up!

    • Wow. Those lingerie images were particularly terrifying…favorite is the terribly cropped random image of legs with the comment “sexy and classy.”


      Also: did those girls give permission for those images to be posted? please say no…

  31. I know of a “Hypnotic Photography”. Hypnotic alright, half of their work would put you to sleep…

  32. i’m fine with first/last name photography. what really kills me is first/middle photography. dorothy nicole photography
    meredith rae photography
    erin ann photography
    holly marie photography

    • Sometimes the first-middle is the most practical approach. I started my business before I was married, and didn’t want to have to change my entire business name later. Works for me.

      • Or when you have a super generic full name, or a commonly misspelled last name, (first)(middle) is a way to still be your own brand without resorting to cliche’ed “photography” plays.

      • I had to use my middle name. My last name is Uecker, which isn’t exactly an appealing last name. The main reason I chose my middle is because not one person has ever pronounced it correctly.

  33. Definitely, poetic visions, captured, or anything that ends in a “z” when it should be an “s”

  34. Anonymous

    Snap freeze photography…..

  35. Michelle

    This has got to be the worst post I’ve seen on here. Normally I like the posts, they’re funny. This was not. The name of the photographer is always blurred/blacked out on the photos that are shared here, so why is it ok to “make fun of” business names? Most of the REAL photographers I know, who do really great work, use either (first name)(last name) or (first name)(middle name) Photography, I also know quite a few who are pretty good who use some of the originally posted words in their name.

    • Thank you. I have more of a problem with these common words being overused, more than the fact that they are overused by beginning photographers.

  36. Awesome-o

    how about the fauxtogs that “creatively” change the spelling of those common words: (a lot of strippers use this type of nomenclature, often spelled incorrectly… I wonder if there is a correlation??)


    and lets not forget the ENDLESS amount of cutesy fauxtog names like Bubblegum Drops Photography, Tinkerbell Treasures Photography… etc etc.


    • "Photography"

      You mean names such as these?


      Keep in mind that other cultures have languages which do not use your precious Greek/Latin spelling.

      • Ok….there is no need to copy-and-paste this 5x. Do you think the photographers using versions of those words are ‘students of language,’ though, or are ‘trying to be cutesy’? I’m going to guess it’s the latter.

        No one is saying that those words are not real words, just like no one is saying that “Ladybug” isn’t a word. But how highbrow does “Ladybug Photography” sound to you…

      • Stephanie

        I feel like I should copy+paste my response to this guy 5x…I agree that misspellings are lame. But not due to other cultures. I’ve seen “Pro’tography by Xxxxx” Seriously people?! Lol

    • Okay, so maybe I’m a Fautog, but it would have cost me $1200 to buy the domain name wesphoto.com, instead of $10 for wesFoto. Agreed, $1200 isn’t the end of the world, but considering I don’t sell my work, I just shoot for fun, but I can buy some nice gear with that extra $1100.

      Sometimes doing the “correct” thing just isn’t feasible.

  37. Anonymous

    sitting pretty picture perfect

  38. Actually there is one using an animal name that is quite good…Cheeky Monkey Studios.

  39. firstname lastname

    I think it’s great that people use their names in their business. I also think it is a little over done too. To me, if you are a photographer and can come up with a business name (not using YOUR name) that doesn’t make me sound totally cheesy when I refer to you, you have done a good job coming up with it. I definetly don’t agree that it should be in the fauxtog category but…it’d be nice to see some non cliche names out there.

  40. Hello from another officially licensed, tax paying, fully insured PHOTOGRAPHER who broke what you seem to consider “the rules” when naming my company. Do I shoot in auto? Not a chance. On camera flash? Nope. When I started my company I wanted to take the opposite direction from what every other photographer in my area had and NOT stick with simply “MY NAME PHOTOGRAPHY”. Does that make them FAUXtographers? Certainly not. I know many successful photographers who use their name. I personally wanted to be different. Of course I also broke your other rule and used my FIRST AND MIDDLE NAME! The HORROR! Why did I? Nobody can correctly pronounce or spell my last name so it leads to confusion. While I do enjoy your site…obviously I feel that this article was painting with too broad of a brush even for youarenotaphotographer. Now you can get back to your bashing.

  41. There is a “Precious Moments Photography” on facebook that is actually really good. Not everyone who has a cheesy name is a fauxtag either. They just happen to dig the cheese. I don’t think you can say that a name makes the photographer. Talent has nothing to do with the ability to choose a name for your business.

  42. Passionate and desires lol i know 2 fauxtogs who use these words.

  43. Couture Manor photography. *thi k about what couture means … Here is the definition

    According to Wikipedia, the term haute couture is protected by law in France and is defined by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris). To earn the right to call itself a couture house and to use the term haute couture in its advertising and any other way, a fashion house must follow these rules:


    Design made-to-order for private clients, with one or more fittings.
    Have a workshop (atelier) in Paris that employs at least fifteen people full-time.
    Each season (i.e. twice a year) present a collection to the Paris press, comprising at least thirty-five runs/exits with outfits for both daytime wear and evening wear.

  44. Jennifer

    You want to know the worst one I’ve ever heard? And if I’m lying, I’m dying as we used to say. I knew a fauxtographer in Fl that used the name, are you ready? Wait for it……..Kidnapper of Moments.

  45. All of you “photogs” here commenting are probably not real photographers…..the real one’s are off working and not comment on websites about crappy photography.

    I am NOT a photographer nor will I ever be one…I just enjoy looking at crappy work on this lovely website.

    • i am a photographer with a very successful business. i find it quite amusing to come here while having a break from processing weddings. i have an absolute shit load of paying customers. and just like with any other “normal” job, i have free time to do as i wish as well. just because i am a photographer, does not mean i have to be shooting 24hrs a day!

      • A wedding photographer isn’t REALLY a photographer, is it.

        It’s ok, someone’s got to take stupid close up pics of rings in shoes and dumb jumping shots of the wedding party.

        The bills need to be paid, I don’t begrudge you your choice of profession.

      • We see you trollin’…

      • Haha! Wedding photogs are so not real photographers. I agree!

      • Kim = Rachel samefag


      • jessicaann

        If a wedding photographer isn’t a real photographer, what exactly defines a “real photographer”? Someone who takes a picture of a mountain and doesn’t capture any sort of emotion. Yeah that sounds about right. I do enjoy nature photography, but there’s no emotion in there. Wedding photography involves emotion, and takes talent to capture it. If you are not a photographer, and never will be how can you define what a real photographer is?

      • You’re a complete asshole.

  46. Using “Firstname Lastname Photography” has always seemed tacky and egotistical to me. Unless you are an established, well known photographer with a famous name, why should anyone care whether your name is Jane Smith or Sally Doe? It is meaningless, and tells your customers nothing (except maybe your lack of creativity). Clients are interested in the quality of your product and services, not your name.

    • Firstname Lastname

      How do you think you get established and well known? You get your name out there!

    • I agree…sortof. I was tired of every single person I knew starting ‘photography’ businesses, and ALWAYS naming it “Jane Doe Photography” so, when I decided that I’d had enough of doing free pictures for total strangers and started charging for portraits I wanted an actual business name. I did settle on one that is apparently branding me as a “faux”tographer. it’s {U}nique Perceptions Photography btw. but I like it, I like having an actual business name, and I’ve had several clients tell me they liked it, and found it easier to remember and recommend 🙂

  47. Ok. I had a look through some of you who have websites linked in your names. If you’re running your website on Weebly. You’re definitely a fauxtog. A professional presents his/her work in the best framework possible….Weebly is for small uncreative businesses. Def not for photogs….just for fauxtogs.

    • Ban Free Websites!

      So you have your own domain name, right? A website that isn’t on Weebly or Wix or the like. Pity you don’t wish us to see it and link your name to it. The way you carry on, it must be fabulous!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I was just the other day speaking to a web designer, who charges in the five figure range for projects, and he recommended third party web content management systems, admittedly for small businesses. Weebly was mentioned specifically. Just because you are a professional photographer, doesn’t make you a professional web designer nor does it mean you necessarily need the services of one.

      • Hendrik Little

        ^ Same poster^
        You should have your own domain name, though, that’s pretty easy. And make it match your email. The next parked van I see with ‘@hotmail.com’ printed on it gets it scratched out with my keys.

    • Lamb22

      Rachel you sound like a real stuck up person! You must of been a bully in school and it sounds like you still are! You judge people because of Weebly etc! Small uncreative businesses you say ??? Sorry but not all of us are royalty like you!! Your pics are crap btw and oh yeah “Rachel who???” Hope you don’t have kids Rachel as I’m sure you would bring them up with your snotty snobby stuck up attitude! You think your better than people on Weebly well you have made yourself look like a donkeys ass with your pathetic comment! You won’t get anywhere with your photography as your a fake-tographer! Seriously pathetic Rachel !

  48. Bunchofbananas

    Firstname / last name photography or what ever someone calls their business. Who cares! A business name does not make a photographer so I think this post is clutching at straws to humourise fauxtographers and has missed the point entirely to their own site.

    I liked this website to begin with as it was funny. Yes. The fauxtogs are ruining our business and also dishing out some diabolical work but let’s judge poor work purely on the quality of the work and not something as irrelevant as a business name.

    To those who think naming your business after yourself makes you a crappy photographer? You seen the top twenty highest paid photographers in the world? No? I know that at least 15 of them are first name / last name photography. It’s clever marketing as your name becomes your brand.

    This article and consequent comments has irritated me more than the fauxtographers!!

  49. “frosted touch photography”
    “transitions photography (kitchener)” – I like this name, too bad the photography sucks!

  50. Anonymous

    Capture Your Destiny Photography

  51. Shutter Up photography. I heard this one once and just thought it was so strange and a little mean sounding too…. lol.

    I don’t think first/last name is unprofessional at all, either btw! That’s what I do 🙂

  52. Sentiments

  53. love the site, but the hyperlinks on every other word is killing me.

  54. Three Wishes Photography……Can my 1st wish be that you quit using multiple actions on the same image. If you can’t create an action or even create a quality b&w then you shouldn’t be allowed to buy cheesy actions.

  55. when deciding on a business name, my mother took it upon herself one day to make publisher brochures for me and named my business “shutter bug photography”. I had to cringe and tell her “that’s okay”. My husband and I butted heads over my current business name and my full name. My friend and he both argued the point that using your name is 1. easier to remember and 2. easier on us for check writing clients. I eventually won out because I just felt my name isn’t pizazzy enough for branding. So Joie de Vie Photography it is. I tried not to be cheesy or common. Naming your business is a tough task though.

  56. What about initials? I generally find that to be ok. First name/last name always makes me think ‘Mom with a camera’ but I’m trying to get out of that train of thought. Moms with cameras can be amazing photogs and should not be lumped into one group. How about Sweetface? that one irks me.

  57. Terrible name. Terrible photos. Kami’s Kandid Photography.

  58. Hey you people, you forgot the most favored of buzzwords “specializing”.

  59. Grace M.

    Um…there’s a “Heartfelt Faux-tog-raphy” on facebook…I shit you not & the work
    is as you would imagine. We used to have a “Crystallized Memories Photography” in our state, somehow they didn’t last too long *ponders the reasons why*

  60. Rock Ur Photo!!! TERRIBLE!!!

  61. Anonymous

    Another way to spot a fauxtog is to offer criticism.

    A real professional would take it into account and strive to work on whatever criticism was given.

    A facebook fauxtog would scream blue murder
    “Get off my page if you don’t like it!”
    “I AM a photographer, don’t be rude.”
    “I take good photos, just because you don’t like it means you;re a bad person”

    etc, etc, etc.

  62. Buds Tasteful Erotica

    Seriously. If you’re trying to reassure the client in your business name, you’re not doing it right.

  63. Flamin’

  64. Seems every big city has at least one place named “Creative Photography.” Well, I’m convinced.

  65. (City) (Adjective) Photography can get hilariously annoying, too.

    Phoenix Erotic Photography.
    Biggest faxtographer I’ve ever met. And it’s adorable how great he thinks he is. It seems every singe time I meet a ‘photographer’ whose name is (city)(adjective) Photography, it’s bad.


  66. yeah, my husband uses his first and last name in his business because a- NO ONE has a name like his. it’s unique. b- most of the photographers he respects just have their names as their business. you don’t need to be cutesy to show how creative you are. i mean, could you see annie leibovitz going by “endless moments photography”? extreme example, i know, but you get my point. i think some of these moms spend more time coming up with a catchy name and an adorable logo than learning how to turn their cameras off of “auto”.

  67. The name for my business is actually “Moments in Time by [firstname] [lastname]” and that is only because when I searched online for just “first name/last name photography” there was two others, and I really wanted something different. I know that my name is a tad bit long but I do have a short name so it flows nicely. I just don’t think you can judge a photography business on their name. Check out their images and then make your judgment.

  68. stinker butt photography
    take two photography
    creative candids
    what are these people thinking? i mean, really?

  69. anontoday

    Created Images
    Fashion Flash Photography
    La Photographie
    Focus Photography

    All generic, expected, not creative. And I hate using “Studio” in the name when you tout yourself as an on-location “natural light” photographer.

  70. I am an aspiring photographer, and am here to learn, I do not have a business, but I really want to someday. Some of the topics here really give me alot to think about
    It’s funny that some of those names are mentioned, because as a beginner in the field I can admit that I have thought of just about all of them while brainstorming for names…My first/last names no good, and my middle name is a no go…(LaNell) but I had thought about shortening it by leaving off the 2 l’s and going with Candy LaNe Photography, but the it sounds like a child’s board game. (I would have to open shop in a gingerbread house..or something) coming up with a creative name isnt an easy task. I’ve seen people use the first name of each of their children, but they only have 2 kids, so it works, I have 5, that’s a long name, lol. Anyways, I guess I have some good ideas of what not to go with now… Good information here… And on a side note, all of my very favorite photographers use their first/last name except two, and one of those two uses “captured”

  71. I greatly disagree. Just because you have any of those words in your name doesn’t make you a fauxtographer. I will outright admit that I chose “Captured Moments Photography” as my name. I may have chosen to use my actual name, except I was in a serious relationship and new we’d be getting married so I didn’t want to create a client base in one name, then have to change my name. (I don’t care what you say I will never use my maiden name as a married woman.) I’m not one of the best photographers out there, but I’m one of the better ones in my area. And I have managed to make a decent income with my photography. I don’t think you can truly decide who is and isn’t a good photography just based on their name. That is like judging a person by their skin or hair color, or by their name even. Its just not acurate.

  72. I’ve seen someone who actually used fauxtography in their name… and charged prices that matched the local competitors! Yes, they will make it someday. *sarcasm*

  73. I think the purpose of this site is in the name. Photographers that consider themselves to be real artist are mad and angry that our medium is being threatened by people with inexperience. This has been going on for quite some time do to the digital overhaul. It makes me embarrassed for the scornful people on here. It’s a tough road, for us with chemical stained hands that appreciate field cameras, large formats and film. To see how quickly someone with lack of knowledge can easily claim they appreciate and perform something you love and devote so much time to perfecting.
    Isn’t it a waste to complain? Do you want to be a fine art and have your work in exhibitions and galleries? Or do you want to make money? I grudgingly accept the way the industry is going and choose to be versatile. I’ll always at heart know a real photograph from a printed image. I know the c-prints and silver gel prints always sell higher than some c-print from wal-mart. Be proud in your skill and stop bashing. Beat people in this new industry, you’re creative folk, come up with something they can’t offer. The proof is in the passion and skill. Sometimes we have to do what we hate in order to do what we love. “digital imaging” is consumer product for a client. My photography is a product of myself for myself. Feel honored that so many people want to do what you do, they enjoy and appreciate it. Hell, the more crappy work out there the better you look anyway right? 😉

  74. You are a bunch of know it alls….so WHAT IS an appropriate name for a real PHOTOGrapher?

  75. Here is the best I’ve seen: B~Dazzled Moments Photography.

  76. Old Soul photography.

  77. Ohhhh…. Look at all of you 🙂 Aren’t you wonderful people. I’ve been a photographer for 8 years, on my own, but when I see those who are just starting out and need a hand, or some advice I tend to try and help, instead of getting anon online and laughing at people who are just enjoying their life.
    Seriously, grow up.

  78. Thoughts on these? You photography & love you photography or stori photography

  79. You people are the worst troll’s ever, Isn’t photography suppose to be about having fun! I mean if you aren’t good enough to make you’re own business you probably should not being making your own business yet. But seriously you people are douche bags bagging on each other like this.

  80. I cannot believe that NAME SURNAME PHOTOGRAPHY is even remotely considered as a fauxtography name. It’s pretentious and, in all honesty, plain stupid. Ansel Adams, David Bailey, Don McCullin, Terence Donovan, Martin Parr, Annie Leibovitz are NAMES we’ve all heard of. Even if you don’t recognise their work, you’ll recognise the name. From an initial business perspective, that’s more valuable.

  81. Novice Picture Taker

    As a person who is just starting out in photography (a hobby I now want to take seriously) I am disgusted by this article and the comments. I thought I left the jerkoffs in corporate america, with all the self righteous and judgemental people in the creative field, where does one turn next. I did not expect this type of tom foolery and bashing in photography field, ugh.

  82. LOL, so by the laws of this website, David Burnett is a fauxtographer?

    I think you all have been drinking too much bleach. Get out and focus more on making your failing photography business more successful, instead of bashing the reason others have chosen to open photography studios. After all, awkward name or not, they might just end up being more successful than you could ever imagine.

    • Lamb22

      You are absolutely spot on!!! Thank you :)Most of the people on here that think its funny to name other businesses are probably not photographers either! Very much a case of immaturity and jealousy on this thread! We should be supporting others in the photography field not shaming them!

  83. Lamb22

    What a bunch of bullies on here making fun of business names. It may seem funny to you but is someone else’s dream! For those that made fun of others business names on here shame on you! Are you famous ??? No your not and you don’t deserve to be making fun of other people! How old are you ? 10 ??? Seriously what a disgrace! To the people who commented on here bagging other people for the names of their businesses you won’t get far in the photography world and most of you that are trolls on here aren’t even photographers your just a bunch of boring trolls who are going no where and pick on others to make yourself feel better but you’ve come across looking like a bunch of low life’s to the rest of us who don’t judge businesses by their names as they may have a name that you may think is a joke and cheesy but they happen to be better than you! If you think their names are a joke then your the joke being a keyboard hero as I’m sure any of you bullies on here would be too gutless to go tell them to their faces and that goes for the idiot who wrote this article too! Excuse me now as I’m sick of reading bullying comments from dumb people on here who sound like their 4 years old and need to sit in the time out corner for being just plain assholes!!! Pathetic!

  84. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins too assist with Search Engine Optimization?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m nott seeing very good gains.

    If you know of any please share. Cheers!

  85. Jane Jane

    Wow, first of all. I am a beginner photographer. I still have A LOT to learn just like a lot of other photographers!! But does that really give you all the right to sit here and make fun of other people? I honestly hope none of you have children because I’d hate to see how you treat your child if you can’t simply be nice to people you don’t even know. Is it soo wrong that other people want to be a photographer? Who gave you the right to say “oh no! You cannot be a photographer!” everyone has to start somewhere, you don’t just wake up one day and become a professional! And honestly, by the comments I’ve been reading.. NONE of you are professionals or mature adults! The fact that you guys can actually sit here and bash people who have the same passion as you makes no sense… As a photographer shouldn’t you want to make a name for yourself by being the bigger person and not being a completely tool bag. Its really sad that photographers can’t just simply get along. Instead of making fun of someone for not being as skilled as the next photographer. why don’t you offer some advice and try to help them grow! Oh wait.. That would be too hard for you guys to do! Being nice isn’t easy for some people. I really do hope some of you do not have kids! I’d hate to see how they get raised… I bet half of you allow your kids to be bullies. They learn from the finest!! Set an example!! You guys are a sad excuse for adults!! A bunch of babies is all you guys are!! I have informed ALL of the photographers you’ve listed on this site that they are on it. I really hope this site gets shut down for slander!!!

    Grow the fuck up and learn some manners!

  86. I think you all are being too judgmental. Just because a company has stereotypical and cheesy words in their business name does not automatically make them a new photographer. Who are you to judge someone solely on their name? They might very well have more experience and offer better photos that you! So what if they chose to use Cherished or Treasured or whatever in their name, ITS THEIR RIGHT! ITS THEIR BUSINESS! If they’re making money, it worked out for them! Who cares! Besides, all the top photographers being named started somewhere and they earned their respect through their work, NOT by their name of their business. Even if their name was a cutesy business name instead of a first name last name business name, you guys would still respect them because their work is phenomenal. The people with the romantic or cutesy names that you are classifying as fauxtographers may very well be just as good or better and you are criticizing them before even taking a look. Judging a book by its cover doesn’t always pan out you know. Oh and I can guarantee that each and everyone of you STILL has something to learn in the photographic world so all you judgmental pricks shut the fuck up!

  87. Alexis

    So, according to you judgmental fucks, people just shouldn’t take photos under any name at all..?

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