Like I’ve been saying for weeks, remaking Footloose is an horrible idea.



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  1. Ok, I have to ask a question that just begs for an answer….are these people that take these pictures under the impression that just because you took the picture means you can’t erase it? Or that you have to put it out there as part of your work? This picture is all kinds of crazy…the only solution for this one is the delete button!

    • Maybe this wasn’t as an actual shot but maybe a goofing around photo. You know before the actual pose? Yes it’s a bad one but there’s nothing against about putting random goofy photos up, just don’t claim that you’re going to sell it

      • your logic is correct – for hobby photographers only. If you’re a real professional photographer then you only release your best work – no “goofy photos”. If you want to show those then you open a Flickr or Facebook account under a completely separate name (not linked to your professional site) and post all the crap photos you want.
        ANY photo you release to the world (print, internet, etc) under your professional name should be the very best you can do (at the time…hopefully we are all still working on improving our craft). Each images should stand alone and represent your ability – you never know which image the next client will see which makes them want to book you. If you saw this – and only this – photo, would you book this photographer for your wedding?
        This is a 100% delete shot and should never be shown – it’s not funny or clever.

      • i like how you mentioned improving our craft… i find that there are many out there who stop doing that. i am always looking do become better. i have indeed gone back and looked at past work and thought, “geez! i thought that was good?”

  2. dude… really?

  3. Obviously this looks like a picture of them getting a pose set up for the real picture….my question is….what the heck pose were they even trying for that requires the grooms head between her legs??

    • They were gonna show everyone what position they were gonna try after they’re officially married lol No hahaha jkjkjkjkjk.
      I am wondering about what pose they really were trying

  4. The bride is going to warming up her pile drive maneuver to use on the fauxtographer when the photos turn out badly.

  5. Am I the only one wondering where her dress is? Because I don’t see ruffles or satin peeking through anywhere! Just her veil, garter, and a black strap on her shoulder. Creepy!

  6. You know when you see a photo in the mini form (viewing from facebook) and it looks HORRIBLE… but when you click it to normal size and you think to yourself “oh, that’s much better… what a great shot”. Well, I did not have that experience when I opened up the photo… it was more of an “AHHHHHHHH….WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!!!”

  7. What the hell is that???

  8. Anonymous

    Victoria Justice is pretty hot though. 😛

  9. Naomi E.

    Perhaps they should have saved this move for the wedding night.

  10. What in the world were they thinking? Oh wait….

  11. I love how the automatic ad below the post that populated is for Footloose (for me at least!).


  13. the flaming shit?!!!

  14. Why is she wearing sneakers? And.. if you do stick your head between her legs, do it the other way round 😉 But never ever post this as a showcase image for your photography ‘business’… Just don’t

  15. ummmmm…..not entirely sure what is going on here, but it looks painful…was anyone harmed in the making of this photo?

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