Bye Bye Baby

Lets get you nice and comfy so we can ship you away safely! It will only be 2 to 3 business days!

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  1. This is obviously a behind the scenes shot. Not quite fair.

    • Definitely a BTS shot. At least they’ve got a seamless.

      • …and part of the actual background showing in the top left corner.

    • Not BTS

      Found the image on the tog’s Web site. The finished shot is this frame, converted to black and white, sepia toned, with a strange white vignette. This is not behind the scenes… this IS the scene.

  2. Before making any comments on this image, obviously a setup shot, I want to see what was actually created from it. I see a lot of images that if you see them this way, your gonna laugh, but when you see the final image, it’s breathtaking!

    • OK, found the website and what they did with this image. I now take back what I said above. This is one of those photographers who started learning but then just stopped and said good enough.
      You know what’s worse than seeing the work of a bad photographer? Seeing the work of a bad photographer who you can see has the basics down and that if they would just invest in a little education, their work would be superb!

      • Johnny

        Link to the website? Interested to see the results.

      • HennyM

        go to google, select image search, drag and drop image into box. you’ll find it

      • HennyM

        looks like this trunk has been reused a couple times… none of the photos is any good, though.

        wonder if it was the fauxtogs idea to take photos of the naked toddlers or if their moms actually came up with it….

    • oh lordy just google Gemini Solutions… will see its not a isolated incident LOL

      • Nope, it’s not! But like I said, the maker of this image could be a really good photographer if they really put their heart into learning it.

  3. Yeah, process shot, no fair – I cry foul….

    • HennyM

      no, it’s not. it’s the only shot of this baby in the trunk

      • Cristina

        This is a mother and child shot… I saw the rest in the set. *shudders*


    Hell, when I was a baby–I took residence in a dresser drawer.. A suitcase would be luxury! That thing looks leather–FIRST CLASS.

  5. michelle

    Why are you posting these kind of BTS shots when there are TONS of really bad shots out there?

    • ncrachick

      If you go to their website (instructions to get there are given above) you will see this is NOT a BTS shot.

      • WHY isn’t that working for me?? Stupid google… or stupid me for not knowing how… I wanna see!

  6. Crystal

    I’ve seen a lot of really great suitcase shots, in fact I have an antique suitcase I’ve used in a shoot before.

  7. So I thought the same as everyone else, that it was a BTS shot. Then I did a google image search on it after seeing Timothy’s comments and realized that is not the case…

  8. michaelnovo

    If this is this websites way of taking a jab at the suitcase…weak attempt. I would say to simply post a “whoops we goofed on this one” and take it down. From this one shot which to me also appears to be BTS, it’s not fair to show that photogs image here which may have turned out well.

    If this is saying that kids shouldn’t be shoved into suitcases then the argument is weak there too. Overall not a very good post.

    • HennyM

      sadly, it’s the result. google the website. use image search

    • ncrachick

      ALL of the images on their website are terrible. And the website is awful too.

      • I think they’re located in South Africa. Maybe this flies in South Africa =).

      • oh no this does not fly in SA, I also thought it was a BTS, we have amazing photographers here, this is NOT one of them lol and the website *GAG*

  9. HennyM

    OMG!!! it’s the Motorboat fauxtog.

    there is still more to come from his galleries.

    • The awkward posing of the mom holding the baby up in the air by the naked crotch gets me! Not appropriate for portraiture.

  10. OMG, he / she offers photography courses!
    Can’t wait to take some, so I can learn how to add those lovely frames, vignettes, flowers and butterfly wings.
    I usually don’t mind ‘baby in suitcase’ photos, there are plenty of examples where it’s done really well. These photos just lack something, which makes them standard pics everyone could make of their kids (like my own pics of babies. Not my thing really).

  11. simoncookerussell

    Get it off the front page, it’s not a fauxtog pic.

    • HennyM

      if you google it and look at the fauxtogs website, you will notice it is a fauxtog. unless of yourse it’s your photo…

      • HennyM


      • simoncookerussell

        Of course it’s not mine, and by a “Fauxtogs pic” I meant that it doesn’t seem to be a finished product, but a BTS pic.

      • HennyM

        as i’ve said before, check out their website. easy to find via google image search

  12. nesgran

    This is actually one of their better pictures so I can’t for my life understand why they’d chose this one rather than some of their other disasters

    • HennyM

      we’ve seen the Motorboat from the romantic gallery already. i’m sure there are more to come.

    • The arm coming out of the bible holding a baby is priceless

  13. fauxtog

    For those of you crying BTS shot, do some research..
    “not a isolated incident” bahahahahahahahha this deserves every right to be on the cover

  14. hairypitssuck

    meh. Ive seen worse. this aint nothing. Shouldnt even be up on here IMO.

  15. BurninBiomass

    I prefer to use bubble wrap when sending my baby.

  16. Wow. I just used the Google image search, and not only is this person not a photographer, but they don’t have much going on in the way of web design either. That page was busier than a two dollar hooker at the GOP convention.

  17. Their whole website is a disaster! The photos look like the crap Walmart produced… with the people looking up and away, and pointing up in the air at nothing. Dark vignettes, really dark, yikes! Well, at least the photos are in focus. I guess that’s the only thing they have going for them.

  18. Poopooface

    Never squat, but if you do, wash and brush the hair on your head because we can see every greasy strand in frame.

  19. Forgetthisname

    Yeah, we need to replace this image with the actual “edited” image…there are no words!

  20. Crystal

    Oh my…their website has enough material to supply this website an image a day for at least a year…the weddings album has some classics and many have stated we have already seen another from the “romance” album.

  21. READ people…this is not a BTS…the IS the image. Google search it. Aye yi yi

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