Boomsket Ball

No big deal, just a little game of Boomsket Ball… If you miss a basket, you explode!

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  1. Kristian

    It’s not awesome but I’ve seen a lot worse.

  2. Thats actually the best-worse pic Ive seen on here.

  3. Annoyed

    That’s hot.

  4. Though not a great image, and overdone, I don’t think it’s worthy of being posted here!

  5. There’s a difference between bad photography and bad art, this is neither. Surely you can find something more worthy of this site.

    • I don’t know about bad photography, but I’d definitely call this bad art. It’s a atrocious mess of filters and noise.

  6. BurninBiomass

    The site is not about finding the worst possible image. If something isn’t horrifically bad, it doesn’t mean its good… like this pic.

  7. BurninBiomass

    We might not know who the photographer is… but I bet the image was produced by Michael Bay.


  8. simoncookerussell

    I like it, not love it, like it.

  9. Quetzal1

    I personally find it hard to critique this photo without knowing its context.

  10. aljmarr

    Hate to tell ya, but that’s not a basketball. Have you ever seen a basketball with a band like that and no seams? That’s a medicine ball and this is most likely and ad or editorial photo in promotion of a crossfit studio or gym. C’mon, there are MILLIONS of bad fauxtographers out there. You can find a better representation of bad fauxtographs.

    • Right?! How could anyone think that’s a basketball lol? My first thought when I saw this was ‘crossfit’.

  11. Where are all the abominative examples that I sent in last year? They were all way worse than this.

    • Exactly! I’m getting tired of seeing all these mediocre images that don’t really belong here, when they’ve yet to post any of the AWFUL images that I have submitted. By coming to this site, one would think they were running out of the really terrible fauxtog pictures, but they’re not…they’re just not posting them for some reason. Very strange.

    • Ah, so it’s not just me!?

      I submit stuff all of the time that never gets posted, including blurry pictures being used as a “professional” page’s profile pic, or a wedding album where you can buy prints that includes completely overexposed and out of focus stuff… But none of it gets posted.

      Instead we get…

      This… Thing.

      • Nope, between the images that aren’t that bad, and images for which there is no clear indication they come from a “fauxtogropher” it’s clear this site is turning into:

  12. Doesn’t even look like a photo…losing a lot of street cred here YANAP =).

  13. iliketag

    Honestly though… this is so ridiculous that I love it.

  14. nesgran

    It has a certain eastern European charm to it


  16. It’s a bit strange..but compelling. Hardly “bad photography” and I wouldn’t even go so far as to say bad graphics. I’ve certainly seen more insipid graphics on other web sites…not excluding this one.

  17. Subject with a bad crop, pained expression and over the top faux HDR, overlaid on top of a mostly white rectangle which itself is overlaid on the backdrop of what appears to be the annihilation of the world via nuclear war. I’d say this images qualifies for this site.

    • Kristian

      Just checked out your page. In your wedding gallery alone I saw poorly done selective coloring, images that were not straight but not intentionally crooked, a few that made me wonder if your monitor is calibrated, shots cropped just below the knees and some with odd composition.

      Personally, I think the photo on this page is better than your crap.

    • so selective color shot at a 10 degree tilt because you can’t be bothered to line up your camera properly is “innovative?” who knew..

    • ncrachick

      I agree with Kristian and jackd. Your images aren’t that great.

      And please correct this on your website: “Making Moments Last of Lifetime”.
      It should be “Making Moments Last a Lifetime”.

      • Umm// Did you read the About Us page?? Riddled with typos and grammar issues..

        “In order to provide you with the highest quality product, we do all of our own image editing and use only a professional lab to create our prints and coffee table albums. Photographs from are lab last longer than inkjet prints and have more true color, ensuring that your images are exact down to the finest detail.”

        CLEARLY you are doing your own editing. A professional editing studio could probably do you some good in my opinion/

    • I just submitted like 10 of your photos for this site. I like the medicine ball better than any of your photos. One who talks of knowing what he’s doing, sure doesn’t show it in his work. Hrmmmm.

  18. Alaina

    I actually really like this image. I wish I knew who the artist was because I would like to see more of their work.

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