Bus Ballerina

We are a little concerned by that man in the jeans in the background.

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  1. Annoyed

    Philadelphia is just OVERRUN with fauxtographers :-/

  2. no one special

    From his “Crooked camera with fake lens fall-off” series, Faux T Ographer presents “Public Bus Floors are too Dirty for Ballet Slippers.”

  3. Wsroadrunner

    Opening credits from Bang Bus? LOL

  4. Nice iphone photo…. ^^
    Jeeez that was crap!

  5. That guy behind her is incredibly creepy.

  6. looks like Canada! hahah we have lots of those too

    • robbifelldown

      I agree. Infact, that is totally Hamilton, Ont. The Bus and the creepy guy are a dead giveaway.

      • Canaduck

        It looks exactly like our buses in Vancouver, too.

      • Ya, this is a Translink bus. There’s a sticker in the background that gives it away

  7. What about that leg hanging out of her butt? Blue jean leg with tennis shoe.

  8. My favorite is Chester Molester sitting behind her with his tongue hanging out.

  9. is anything in focus?

  10. courtney

    I think ballerina is a stretch.

  11. darrelltwo

    I never thought I would actually wish for more vignette…… way more.

  12. BurninBiomass

    The 3 people behind the creepy guy are staring a little too intently too. This photo give me the feeling that something unspeakably horrible happened right after it was taken.

  13. Eww…was it not possible to at least take this once everyone had left? I mean, it’s still be a bleah picture, but at least it wouldn’t be full of creepy molesters and disembodied feet.

  14. there are so many OTHER ballerina poses that could be done – I don’t remember this one from class! and just the other factors that are so odd…her expression, the too-tiny-tutu, the perv-y man, random body parts, the camera tilt and on and on… ıt’s just shocking/sad what people will put their logos on!

  15. A photographer

    She’s hanging on for her life. The photo clearly shows that the bus is tipping over.


  17. This *could* have been a really cute/funny photo and street (OK, bus) photo capturing the expressions of random strangers due to someone’s capricious behaviour (sorry chickie poo, but if you’re an actual ballerina, I’m Dolly Parton) on a bus. If she had been doing plies or warmup exercises using the handle on the back of the seats as a barre this could have been pretty interesting. But of course the fauxtog had to go and shoot her buddy acting like a total idiot. *sigh*

  18. I actually think the concept could be neat if you went and got a shooting permit, got the bus empty or with placed models/extras and had an effective lighting setup, I think ballerina on a buys would be good…
    however, this impromptu crap processed instagram failure is just rubbish.

    p.s. apologies for the grammar, not enough coffee and small phone screen.

    • Not Instagram, because it’s not square. But might be Pixlromatic (looks to me exactly like the Sophia filter).

      It’s a weird idea for a photo, but had the background people been removed from it, I don’t think it’d be that bad – for an amateur/hobbyist to take and share. NOT for a professional portfolio. Stupid.

  19. Courtney too

    sigh. This plump “ballerina” and the random feet coming out of her rear remind me of Mother Ginger from the Nutcracker. See here and compare, LOL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FWgmSJzp8M

    • And the problem with plump ballerinas are? Plus size can be dancers, and she’s not even ‘plump’, she’s average size…
      Sorry, a sore spot for me, since I’m a black-belt in Shotokan style karate, and ‘Fluffy’ on the fatness scale, and people don’t find it possible that people larger than them are actually surprisingly fit and compete in sports exhibitions.

    • you know plump ballerina who knows what she is doing could be an interesting take on all of this…

  20. Mattblax

    I legit know who took this. I’m pretty positive i’m facebook friends with them too

  21. I think more people in the background not just the perve but like theater goers in suits and evening gowns…hohoooooo

  22. Perfect! Ive always been looking for a bus ballerina shot to hang in my living room.
    The perv adds that extra little bit to what i was looking for.

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