Sad Santa

This would make an awesome anti-Christmas card, but we don’t think that’s what they were going for.

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  1. Love the on-camera flash. Nothing says “professional” photographer like harsh shadows.

    • There is a bloke near me who offers photography training for budding wedding photographers, and he has pop up flash shadow on all of his weddings that he has up online on his website. Every………single……………….one 🙁

  2. And the “bargain basement” background is one of my favorites as well…

  3. deltaridge

    Santa looks like he’s about to rob the joint!

  4. I’ve never seen a beard grow over someone’s nose like that.

  5. reallythough

    its no wonder hes unhappy, his beard has taken over his nose.

  6. kandikalistar

    He has no nose :/

  7. Santa is a woman, hence the height of the beard.

  8. Crystal

    This photo is making me want to watch “Bad Santa”

  9. Nice that they were able to get a frame and stickers for this stellar shot before picnik closed.

  10. Anti-Christmas is my second-favorite holiday! Right after Anti-Thanksgiving!

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