Black Hole Baby

Someone help that baby! It’s being sucked into what appears to be a silky black hole!

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    fauxtographers must really hate babies to make them look so bad.

  2. Jeez…even the BABY knows this is a bad idea! How much do you want to bet that somewhere there is a photo that is in black and white with just the rose petals colored?

    • No, they did a black and white version of this with the straw spot colored…poorly

      • Wait, sorry, this wound up on the wrong picture. Still this photo suffers from crappy lighting, poor composition and very poop choice of props.

  3. Christina

    This picture would be soooo much better if it was b&w and the rose petals were spot colored.

  4. Shiznit1984

    The concept would have played out a lot better if (1) they got rid of the rose petals, (2) used a closer angle, (3) used appropriate lighting, and (4) didn’t use shiny satin.

    • Joshuah

      In other words, if the photo was nothing like this one at all.

    • it would have played out a lot better if (1) they didnt take this picture at all! (2) …

  5. Why does this look like baby boudoir??

  6. Funny, I always associated black satin sheets with sex, not babies. Or maybe the baby was conceived on said sheets?

  7. Obviously the fake rose petals (presumably from Walmart) were more important to the fauxtographer than the baby…

  8. LOL even the baby looks pissed……..

  9. Editormum

    Even the baby looks a bit dubious about the whole thing.

    And couldn’t we find a less obviously cheap basket? I mean, the whole “expensive” look of the black silk with rose petals thing is just totally ruined by the plain white willow cheapness of the basket.

  10. Looks like a wicker coffin! O.O

  11. GAAAK

  12. NicCole

    It makes me want to reach in and save the kid, while screaming NO!!!

  13. Body in the bag. Always a good look…

  14. Is this what you get when you combine baby Moses and the Gulf oil spill???

  15. Spawn of Satan?

  16. OMG, this is a train wreck of failitude. Kudos to the fauxtographer for failing so spectacularly that a baby that can’t speak or identify objects knows the picture sucks. I am impressed.

  17. Katie

    pictures by chell no longer in business

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