Hoppy Easter

Look what the Easter Bunny pooped out!

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  1. I don’t see what’s wrong with this picture. He or she is obviously a photographer, they know how to use photo bucket to edit pictures!!

  2. Well Hoppy Easter to you too fauxtographer!

  3. Timothy

    It’s not “hoppy” it’s “hobby”. At least, that is what the comment next to it.

  4. he’s a hobby fauxtog?

  5. Probably not one of the worst I have seen. Apart from the tacky title at the bottom, the direct on camera flash (yet again!), and the awkward pose, this one shows some potential.

    • melissa

      These comments always make me laugh. “Besides…EVERY SINGLE thing in the picture being wrong…it’s not so bad!” lol!

  6. Oh that’s so beautiful!

  7. Geekcr

    It might have worked if he’d removed that awful wal-mart plastic necklace, if the bow ties weren’t blown out, and for god’s sake, what is with that guy smashing his face in her ear while she looks at the camera? Is he supposed to be the child molester easter cousin or something?

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Just… blech!

  9. What I really find disconcerting is his third arm.

  10. So much bad in one picture

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