Blow Up Belly

Don’t blow too hard, it might pop!

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  1. Bairhanz

    If this is the future of photography, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  2. Monica

    WTF !!!!!!!! I cant believe she went along with this idea OMG Just horrible

  3. thats not how you give birth…

  4. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. If you can’t shoot maternity in a lovely beautiful artistic way, DON’T DO IT!!!! The photographer is crazy, and the clients are crazy if they think that is nice photography!!!!

  5. Is he sucking or blowing? Either way it’s gross.

    • I thought he was sucking on the straw not blowing it up.

      Where do people come up with these crazy belly shots?

  6. whsdudieuwa

    WTH is this supposed to be? Is he supposed to be blowing up her belly? I cannot wrap my head around this!

  7. Oh the lighting…. šŸ™

    • you love the shadow under her boobage, too?

      • Mathieu Perry

        Direct on camera flash is awesome! Its right up there with a salad for to the pupil.

  8. Is he sucking out amniotic fluid?

  9. Maybe he is cleaning out the lint?

  10. Ewww…wtf is he doing?

  11. BurninBiomass

    Funny, thats exactly how he impregnated her too…

  12. What is awesome is being 2 inches from the background, classy!

  13. you’re doing it wrong!!!

  14. A more efficient means would be gong down to the gas station and using the air pump there. It could be shot under natural light in an editorial style. That would be something to see. So who’s gonna do it? šŸ˜‰

  15. Wsroadrunner


  16. This is horrible and terrifying in every way possible. It may also be offensive.

  17. If she would have just done that, she wouldn’t be pregnant.

  18. oh good lord.

  19. Let’s blast the image with on camera flash, that always improves what is already a disaster!

  20. I like how beneath this photo, theres an advertisement for Zulily and “Style for your bump”, lol

  21. I say it again – you gotta start leaving these ‘pro’s details/watermarks on their “work”!

  22. Melissa

    That’s just ……. there are no words to describe it.

  23. Tommie

    Sometimes I look at a photo and I’m so stunned I get dizzy. Like a stun grenade just went off in my office…

    This is one of those photos.

    I’m stunned… bad backdrop, bad light, bad pose, bad composition, bad exposure, bad post production (or should I say NO post), bad bad bad bad bad.

    Did someone PAY for this??!

  24. Lighten up. This is funny.

  25. would be funny if this were just a mother and father-to-be horsing around for a snapshot and trying for the same concept with a silly prop like a bicycle pump. The drinking straw doesn’t really convey the concept as well, and brings to mind a whole different category of sophomoric wisecracks. Plus, her head is out of the photo (lucky for her) and his puffy-cheek face is quite unflattering, even for a “silly” snapshot.

    But we’re not talking about a silly snapshot. We’re talking about somebody’s portfolio?


  26. I wasnt sure if he was the baby daddy or her son either way cant figure out the picture..

  27. A serious professorial could have pulled this off with the right lighting, background and a lot more imagination and skill.

    Which is pretty much true for almost every photograph posted to this site………

  28. Isabel

    Horrendous, Disgusting, Moronic…I can think of a lot worse words of course.

  29. I hope he didn’t try this method to get her pregnant!

  30. I once got a shot like this, only with a mare and a foal – Mom’s laying down having a snooze and the kid was helping himself šŸ™‚ And cute though it is, it was back in my Samsung Digimax 2.01mp days, so no frickin way would I ever have it in a portfolio!

  31. this is kind of funny. I like it better than the stupid block pictures.

  32. This pregnancy thing…every time I see a horrible photo (and 98% are horrible), I think no photo can possibly be worse. And someone out there is going, “Challenge…accepted.” Stop it. Jerk.

  33. Hobbyist

    What’s sad is he’s a cute kid and she has pretty baby bump and figure for a pregnant girl. They could have had really beautiful pregnancy photos if they only had a real photographer. They’ll never get that moment back. Too bad, too bad.

  34. What a intormation of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious know-how concerning unexpected emotions.

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