Awkward Much?

A demonstration of one way for a woman to urinate in the woods! Only one foot will get wet!

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  1. Foil Gamma

    Get wet or die trying.

  2. that’s why I’m gay!

  3. Why do feuxtogs and feuxdles think that displaying their crotch to the camera = sexy. A women’s vagina is not hot to look at, show off curves, shapes, the face, that is sexy.

    • For the record, I find find women’s vaginas very sexy. Maybe not the pose above, but vaginas, yes.

      • ha, fair enough.

      • Not sure yet if it’s for the “topic of the discussion” or the comment, but I’m hitting the like button all the same…

  4. michelle

    The ultimate senior picture.

  5. Yeah, that looks like a comfortable pose.

  6. I’d pee on her.

  7. It looks like a modern head attached to the body of a would-be swimsuit model from the 80s.

  8. savannah

    she has a lil captain in her

    • Onatopa

      OMG…I can’t stop laughing. Thanks Savannah, you made my day!

  9. This is wrong on soooo many levels. I feel horrible for the poor girl…

    • Canaduck

      Me too. She looks very uneasy and frankly I can’t blame her.

      • Julian Magnerific

        I’d venture to say that she looks very easy rather than uneasy

  10. FroggieG

    Future pole dancer.

  11. Completely wrong wardrobe for that setting.

  12. justme

    First thing I thought: Is she peeing?

  13. FalconGTHO

    Hos gonna be hos.

    • FalconGTHO

      I will credit her for not having (at least visible in this pose) cliche, graffiti tats.

  14. Angela

    Is that the female Powder?

  15. That’s the most unnatural, awkward, stiff pose for hands I’ve seen in a long time. It just draws attention to her crotch.

  16. Carrie

    The hell? In my head, the fauxtographer drives a windowless van with puppies and/or candy in the back. I hope this girl made it out of the woods unscathed.

  17. Cause all girls go walking in the park in their bikini and no shoes O.o

  18. LaughingGirl

    She might as well be lifting her leg on a fire hydrant.
    Bad pic, bad outfit, bad background, bad pose, bad idea and.. a bad girl.

  19. Pelham

    Hey, lay off the model! The girl’s face and entire body show her discomfort with the shitty pose she has been told to assume. Look at how tight her mouth is and her eyes look narrowed, and either only her face is tan or she’s turning red from embarrassment. That’s not someone who is at all confident in that sort of pose, whereas a stripper and/or would-be stripper would, imho definitely been playing it up a bit more – leaning forward to show off boobs, probably doing the trite licking-the-lips thing, the whole tacky shebang. This looks like a girl *trying* to be naughty, and failing miserably :-/

  20. Is her skin sort of blue-ish?

  21. This is one of those scenerios where they should have discussed the shoot days before. Granted, she might be a good model, that pose is extremely unflattering and the photographer should have recognized her lack of interest and discomfort.

    • Pelham

      Definitely they should have talked first about location, wardrobe and style of shoot. I was a model, way back, and can see that this is a girl new to modelling. She doesn’t look like she’s confident in her body, and no seasoned model with any brains would let herself be talked into such a pose. Nor would any legit model agency let such a shitty shot appear in any girl’s book.

      Poor girl.

  22. I’m actually grossed out.. All I can think of is that CSI needs to come check out this awkwardly posed corpse nailed to a tree.. gruesome? Dont blame me, blame her fauxtog.

  23. TollTollPhotography

    I wear swimsuits when I hunt too.

    I think she’s trying to seduce Edward from the tree, ha… yeah… I made a Twilight joke.

    WHY is she in the woods in a swimsuit?

  24. James Flores

    I note the wedding band… her so-called photographer just might be her husband. Just a very strange pose, a very strange wardrobe selection for that location, and the poor dear needs a tan in the worst way.

  25. Lens Man

    She looks like a very attractive lady, and it’s a shame that this picture could capture none of it. Another photographer could have walked away with a great shot.

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