Gator Ride

That baby is riding the color right out of that gator! Seriously though, why why why!?

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  1. Someone needs to check that baby’s legs out. He might have frostbite.

  2. Despite the great pp the gator eye is still the attention grabber for me… nice job

  3. Picasa is awesome for editing, and the pop up flash really brings out the drool nicely

  4. Gelatin

    How dare they put a watermark on that. I can’t even believe the fauxtog thinks it’s good enough for people to want to steal…. SMH

    • I think they felt they needed a little color in the bottom of the foto.

  5. Jennie

    Why even bother setting up the shoot if you are going to do that to the picture… come on…

  6. Patricia

    Oh my gosh. This is horrible. I wish I could say something funny or witty…but it’s just bad and wrong on so many levels. Wrinkled backdrop, crazy gator, inexplicable spot coloring. Horrible. Wow. My eyes hurt now.

  7. that’s a frog………..

  8. robert

    Focus on the eyes, they say.
    And that’s what they did. That gator’s are the sharpest in the image.

    • Pelham

      ….and even then, they’re still oof. No, the focus on the obligatory creased, wrinkled-up dropsheets is tack. *sigh*

  9. I just love that wrinkled backdrop look. It’s one of my favorites.

  10. Canaduck

    Looks like the baby is peeing green.

  11. i just seen where some 1 sid that the sel color thing is NEW . wow rele ? its been around for 50 yrs hahaha

  12. What really kills me is how these fauxtogs love to play around with spot color and oversaturation but they can’t be bothered to take the time to smooth out the wrinkles in the backdrop! It’s really not that time-consuming! (And please don’t even get me started on the hand chop, popup flash work, etc….)

  13. What is she resting her foot on???

  14. Veronica

    HORRIBLE. And FYI people, it’s a frog not a gator… lol

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