Awkward Bathing Suit Shot

awkward bathingsuit

This makes us feel as uncomfortable as she looks!

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  1. Cool, the “Zardoz” look! Not sure what the tires are for though. Or the car. Or the slanty horizon.

  2. la moule zébrée

    “I know this isn’t the best angle, but it’s my stupid camera’s fault! This lens like isn’t big enough to see all of you I guess?”

  3. tamiZ

    Well the model fills out the bathing suit well, and looks like a very attractive person.

    I have no idea why the tires are there, and the car is not really what I would call a classic so I am not entirely sure what it’s purpose is in the photo.

    There is no really good light on her face which is unfortunate, and the awkward pose is not really sensual if that is what was hoped for.

    She is a lovely model, she just needed a better amateur, or professional photographer though I guess we have no idea how much she paid. Hopefully, it was not a lot.

  4. Winter

    As a former professional model, I hate seeing mediocre crap like this, and then these girls claiming they are ‘models’ because of it. People really need to be more honest in their critiques of crap like this.

  5. Terrible environment, awful pose and simply a bottom of the barrel photo. This person needs to put away the camera and the “model” needs to find someone to show her the proper way to do a shoot and a photog who can actually make quality images.

  6. This photo could have used a flash. In more ways than one.

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