Fauxtog Shadow

shadow fail

Can you believe this fauxtog only charges $50 for a wedding shoot?!

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  1. Maybe he just thought he was being helpful by pointing the groom in the right direction? Sorry, that’s lame. It’s all I could think of other than the usual, “Details faux, details!” and “that’s why you hire a pro…”.

  2. la moule zébrée

    You can see him in the shadow taking the shot, holy crap. And what’s with the kid wanting to show off his JROTC uniform… Laaaaaame!

    • Thomas

      Any why would you think it is lame for a person to be proud of their JROTC membership?

      • Because if it is a wedding shot, JROTC is a middle school program, so that would be two 7th-8th graders getting married.

  3. Thomas

    When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
    That’s Moire

  4. This fauxtog is clearly a pro! lmao….

  5. What’s with the moire? No anti-aliasing filter? Maybe she’s laughing at his crappy camera.

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