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  • Your Photos Suck! Learn Trick Photography & Special Effects. Get Creative Here

    What Is This Creature?

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  • Aw, a puppy! Wait, it’s a puppy right? Do we win a prize if we get it correct?

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    1. Ummmmm….yep….this stinks.

    2. Lalalalaaaaa

      You’ve got to be kidding…

    3. Dude! Give a guy a warning, would ya??

    4. That’s Gollum, right?

    5. I hope that dog paid for the photo with something it made itself. That’s pretty much what it’s worth.

    6. I would have to advise against putting cod liver oil all over the lens in order to get a close-up of your pet.

    7. This fauxtog should have collaborated with the previous one and made the dog’s eyes bright blue!

    8. Poor dog! For a minute it looked like one of the bat/human creatures from “The Decent” movie.

    9. Fetal Pig!

    10. fstopper89


      A fauxtog in my town advertised that she did pet photos… and her two photos of pets she had to show were both completely out of focus.

    11. believe it or not I actually think this is an amazing photo.

    12. Demonic

      My Mother-In-Law :)

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