Hm, it’s too bad that you can’t spell or take good photos!

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  1. That’s just funny!

  2. When I’m looking for subpar image capture coupled with today’s who-gives-a-shit professionalism, now I know where to go!

  3. ohqcrap, thqis is jqust whqat my pqortfolio nqeeds! a cqrappy sqhot!!

  4. I don’t know why these fauxtographers even bother watermarking their images. Who would steal crap images?

  5. is it really spelled that way. hell all this time i though i was drunk

  6. to be honest my logo was mispelled for a few days. the designer that made it made a typo and my dumb ass didnt look too deep at it and i missed it. two letters were swapped so my mind still made it look right… BUT i removed all photos with that logo and re uploaded them with the revised logo…

    i dont get what these fauxtogs do to make the photos look so compressed and flat… its a good angle but its just missing something…

    • I think having the subject’s feet included in the picture would be a good start to fix that missing “something”. 🙂

    • Hey!
      We’re twinsies!
      My graphic designer misspelled portrait! I didn’t notice either and my friend let me know a week after using it. (Fortunately I was able to cancel my order of 1000 business cards!)

  7. Artie Fufkin

    cheers for noticing the typo

    I figure it takes at least 2 seconds after once looks at a photograph to look for and correctly read the watermark ( including proofreading for typos)

    I could only muster 0.047 seconds looking at this shite photo before I turned away to vomit. clearly well short of the time required for this analysis


  8. Time to break out the sunglasses.

  9. Okay..what is that going on near the girl’s shoulders where her hair touches her shirt? Is that the telltale sign of selective-colour or does she have some kind of condition…or maybe a bird pooed on her?

    • I think there are little blue lace panels there in her shirt actually…

      Is that purple fringing I see or just a bizarre way the yellow is reflecting the blue for some reason? ~shudders~

    • Elizabeth

      Yeah, I think that’s just the way the shirt is, although I think selective coloring the entire photo might just catch on! Oh…wait…

  10. Elizabeth

    I know! Lets make her teeth the same color as the background! Yum!

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