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Right In The Baby

baby punchPow! Right in the baby!

  1. anon says:

    Disturbing. What was the photog thinking?


  2. nine says:

    that fist needs to be diverted to the face behind the camera… or camera phone.


  3. r0b says:

    Football rivalry gone horribly wrong, crappy composition. At least he used the flash properly.


  4. Fauxtog Hunter says:

    Let’s profile the fauxtographer. Twenty four years old. Some hick town. Canon Rebel. Dead-end job. Fancies herself creative and is exploring photgrapher (but will never invest a dime in more in equipment or spend time learning what makes a good photographer). Charges $50m per session including post processing which involved clicking “auto correct” in a freeware piece of software and adding her obnoxiuos logo.


  5. Bob says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when I’d type “wtf”. I guess it just took the right pic to warrant it. Nasty stuff. Just nasty.


  6. Spike says:

    Aside from the OBVIOUS WTF-factor, I wonder what the car has to do with the disturbing story being told here. It would seem to have been a better subject for a photographic study than either person in this… poortrait?


  7. Bobbi-Jean says:

    Imagine watermarking that!


  8. Meggy says:

    Great car, shame about the couple in the foreground.
    No seriously that is dreadful. Domestic violence where kids are involved is not funny. Ever.


  9. Jude says:

    There’s nothing disturbing about a man beating his kid into being a Bears fan. That’s what any loving parent would do.

    Don’t let your kids grow up to be meat Packer fans.


  10. fstopper89 browneyedgirl89 says:

    Sad- what a disgrace. I’m from Wisconsin.


  11. Jason H says:

    I dont get whats wrong with this picture.. sure it would probably be a cut out unless it is something the couple requested. Im sure there was multiple pix taken so you can see the subjects faces better. if not, post production can fix this if the client wanted this picture


  12. One word that sums this up on so many levels…”WRONG”.


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