Firefighter Daddy

fire fighter

This firefighter is perhaps taking the whole “Take Your Kids To Work Day” thing too seriously…

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  1. I’m pretty sure that is a training mannequin for learning CPR on babies.
    A non-issue I’m afraid.

  2. Because putting a vignette on blown out, overexposed parts of the image always looked good.
    /spoileralert: sarcasm

  3. So many wrongs on so many levels! Disappointed in the fauxtographer on the safety of the infant and total fail on the parents allowing this!

  4. If this is a real baby…dear jesus, this person should be shot for coming up with such an idiotic idea, and the parents probably should rethink keeping that child.

    If it’s a CPR dummy…I still don’t get it.

  5. Cause you know, reflective tape works well with flash. Man, this pic is just soooo bad it’s funny. Ghastly, just ghastly in every way. Got that faux with the pretty font? Got that daddy who I hope has better judgement when it comes to fighting the fire? I’ve been looking this pic over hoping at least it’s a pasted in baby (still makes it a horrible pic but at least safer) but by the squashed eye on the kid, it looks real. Bad daddy.

  6. Quaid… Quaid…
    Start the reactor. Free Mars…

    What a horrendous image!

  7. fun fact, as a former firefighter, I know that bunker gear is usually covered in carcinogens from ash and smoke, pretty much the worst idea ever to have children around it. not that anyone cares

  8. It’s a training exercise and he’s putting the dummy plastic baby body back in the locker, right? No?! You mean it’s supposed to be touching momento of a hard working public servant and not just a damn tacky mockery of someone who puts their life on the line on every call out. OK.

  9. “Okay, now put the baby in your pocket… Yep, good, just like that.” Baby almost falls out. “Okay, now just use your arm to gently hold him in. Good. Now look away and 1 2 3!” Click.

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