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Planet Boobies

No words…

  1. Angela says:

    This scares me! Strange…very strange.


  2. Melissa Burke says:

    ditto… along with a confused looking face!


  3. Christine says:

    O.o what the hell is that?!


  4. TheCollector says:

    And I am Galactus, Eater of worlds!!


  5. Lalalalaaaaa says:

    HAHAHAHAAAHHAHAAA!!! WOE were they thinking??


  6. ... says:

    yikes you posted their phone number?? not cool


  7. nawarb says:

    I can see Ur-anus!!


  8. Me says:

    Are they trying to say she’s really big?
    “Does this planet make my ass look fat?”


  9. upsi says:

    but … um …


  10. patty says:

    I just finally got my mouth to close. wow.


  11. Artie Fufkin says:

    There is some weird gravitational field on the top green planets. they are really ellpitical and sort of look like saggy painted tits


  12. :/ says:

    Definitely not cool that you left the number… I found the page very easily.


  13. Morgan says:

    ………wth were they thinking?!?!


  14. Scarlet says:

    Thank gawd they didn’t include Uranus!


  15. Jessanderson says:

    What the heck IS that?!!!!!! This passes way beyond fauxtography into just plain bizarro land!!!!!


  16. Robert says:

    Weird, but creative idea. Even the execution is not too terrible. Maybe it’s due to the model that the outcome is rather creepy.


    • Jessanderson says:

      You CAN’T be serious?! In WHAT universe (pun intended) is this creative?? Maybe if you’re a few planets short of a complete milky way!


      • deztheninja desmond says:

        I actually agree with robert. Its not bad, but its not good… I don’t know… I think i would like to see this done to a better model. Maybe if they did a better job with blending her into the background where you actually have to look for her. Maybe with a model who isnt pregnant…?


    • Mik says:

      I think the concept is very nice. But I would never have used a pregnant lady, and in no universe ever would a woman want her boobs to be deflated planets :P Good concept, bad execution.


      • Jim says:

        It seems to me the pregnancy is part of the story — life, creation, sun, earth — didn’t you ever see The Tree of Life?


  17. andy says:

    my… good… god…


  18. BurninBiomass says:

    Hey model, cheer up! At least they didn’t show Uranus!


  19. Mark B. says:

    Earth is looking a bit saggy. :p


  20. snowbear says:

    I can hear the doctor now . . . “Congratulations, it’s a gaseous giant.”


  21. Orlando says:

    I must say this is actually kinda awesome..


  22. NicCole says:

    With the pointy nose and the bad painting, her face looks kinda alien-bird’ish. It makes it much creepier.


  23. Gal with a Camera says:

    This is one of those pictures that I look at and all I can think is…

    WHAT THE HECK?!?!?


  24. Gina says:

    Seriously? Who dreams this @#$% up?


  25. Bob Bob says:

    Now that is the kind of crap that should be on this site!


  26. spike says:

    I have made it a personal rule NEVER to use Photoshop while drinking.

    Clearly this person should do likewise and NEVER use PicMonkey while dropping acid. Talk about a waste of perfectly good LSD.


  27. Jim says:

    Actually, I get it. It’s body painting on a pregnant woman. Seems unlikely the photog chose the paint – that would be left to the artist and client. Bizarre choice, I admit – but probably not the blame of the photog. So, client now wants photos of the body art. Having set all of that scenario up, I don’t find the photogs work all that faulty.

    Having worked with body art artists myself, they tend to be a rather strange lot . . . . . . sometimes you just gotta go with the flow . . . . .


    • MP says:

      I bet it’s not bodypainting, it’s bringing a Black Metal diguise to the next level!


    • NicCole says:

      Go with the flow all you want; you don’t put it in your portfolio with your name on it. Let the client walk out, smile as you deposit the check, and walk away shaking your head. DO NOT use it to promote yourself.


    • Jim says:

      It is bodypainting – I have been to the photog’s site, and there is a series of shots – some with a less dramatic background – it is fairly clear it is bodypainting. And, if one of your potential client groups is body painting artists, why not have a small portfolio that includes this shot? If one accepts this is bodypainting, then, NicCole, what are the problems with the photo? Focus? No. Lighting? No. Composition? No. . . . . .


      • Joe C says:

        I have to agree, technically its a fair photo. The concept is obviously odd, but hey … they did an ok job at executing the concept.


  28. TollToll says:

    I think that this is a client request, how could it not be?


  29. Pelham says:

    Bodypainting – cool. Angry-looking pregnant model – not cool.


  30. Gina says:

    No. Just, no.


  31. Jim says:

    I think it is genius and so what if it’s a body type or alternative style that you don’t understand at first glance. I don’t think any of the gawkers commenting here would have the guts to put something like this out. It is so uncool to make fun of the subjects looks.


    • Jim says:

      Genius? Body painting is genius? Definition of genius:A genius is someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight. Paint and a camera doesn’t make you genius.


    • This is a valid statement... says:

      I definitely would *not* have the guts to put something like this out. So you are correct.


  32. Rick says:

    Someone’s creative license should be revoked, along with their copy of PhotoShop.


  33. Mia says:

    Actually, I think the body paint concept was pretty cool. Bad angle, horrible backdrop blending.


  34. MM says:

    I think the earth is off it’s axis.


  35. justme says:

    good job, fauxtog! not only did you manage to make a pregnant lady look like a man, but you made earth look all floppy. Seriously, as long as you were ‘shopping, you couldn’t have made her boobs look more… round? planet-like?


  36. AbsyntheGreene says:

    I like the idea of this, and the execution is okay, but the end result just doesn’t work.


  37. kliz says:

    Obviously you guys haven’t heard of the term surrealism.


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