Little Zombie Girl

Fauxtography… Zombifying your children since the dawn of photo editing software…

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  1. I have seen worse editing.

  2. Aw. I bet a real photographer could have made that kid look really cute.

  3. Oh wow. What happened to her teeth? The whole picture is baaaaad but her teeth… Poor kid!

    • AbsyntheGreene

      Maybe she isn’t done losing her baby teeth yet? That can give a kid a very lopsided smile.

  4. Poor kid, that glassy gaze with what looks like really bad star-filter fx is bad enough, but those teeth…almost look like fake Halloween ones, but I’m afraid they’re real.:-(

  5. And to think that someone (I hesitate to say photographer) looked at this and said…There-that looks good! Post!

  6. Artie Fufkin

    they gave her the fake superblue dolls eyes but didn’t whiten her teeth?

    BTW: I want to give bukakke to every fauxtog who does the f**ing dolls eye pops tp children. STOP IT !

  7. Get that kid to a dentist!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gal with a Camera

    The teeth are what’s scaring me!

  9. She’s been to a dentist…hence the stainless steel crowns. She’s also around 7 years old meaning her permanent central incisors are in (with a large space), but her laterals have not erupted yet. It was literally called the ugly duckling stage in dental school; not making that up.

  10. That is one of the photo’s this little girl will pray her mother does not have put into her high school yearbook.

    Way to go person with a camera and Photoshop (you are so far down you don’t deserve to be called a fauxtog) you created a frankin-baby.

  11. Wsroadrunner


  12. Granted, it takes more than owning a camera and photoshop to be a photographer, but posting rude comments about a child’s teeth on a schadenfreude website don’t make you a photographer either, it just makes you a bully. And a dick.

    • Going for the bully and being a dick argument this time i see. Must’ve had a picture posted here.

      • Not to worry, it is not my mind that is trapped further into a cage when you make comments like this.

    • LongRange

      Your picture sucks, Jim. Deal with it.

  13. Sméagol HATE fauxtographerses!

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