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  • Your Photos Suck! Learn Trick Photography & Special Effects. Get Creative Here

    Beware of the Austin Fauxtographer

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  • Austin fauxtographers: We’re on to you.

    Beware of the Austin fauxtographer. 

    “Fauxtographers run the gamut from perverted guys with a camera that say they specialize in boudoir photography to unscrupulous pseudo professionals that claim to have a legitimate business while possessing no knowledge, no equipment and printing their work at any nearby pharmacy”

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    1. I have to wonder if actual paid models who do this entirely for a living, feel any faux-model resentment towards everyone with a model mayhem profile who goes around calling his or her self a “model”…

    2. Good Photog

      You pathetic and ignorant son of a bitch. You picked out amateur photos shot by point-and-shoot cameras and call them bad photos! Of course those people shoot bad pictures! Here’s a suggestion, try picking out photos from photographers who label themselves professional, but not!

      • SometimesElla

        Um…sir…or ma’am…what you said is the entire point of the site – photos from “photographers” who call themselves professionals.


        • I take pics with my cellphone

          Isn’t that obvious?… I mean, It’s like everywhere, in every photo in every description. Gosh…
          Stupid people is stupid

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