Daily Rewind: A Wet Suit

Since our old site is gone, we’re going to post some of our favorites that are too awful to be deleted for good.

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  1. Trash the suit?!

  2. Oooooo how SENSUAL.

  3. Now, if he were in a Speedo, this might make sense…

  4. Would be a good use of a suit for my husband, I think he wore his twice in his life, if that much…we’d trash one.

    • I’m sure there is some incompetent photographer that would help you trash it! =D

  5. carolsworld

    “I’m too sexy for a dry suit…too sexy for a dry suit…”
    Come on, sing it with me!

  6. I’m thinking he’s either the groom, or maybe the best man & looking for the wedding ring 😛

  7. a mer-man?

  8. you fools. this clearly is aquaman after his first extreme makeover session.
    good progress with the looks so far but the psychiatrist has not yet gotten him away from the water. still workin on that….

  9. Katherine

    I got nothin’

  10. fireandice20062008

    Why would you ruin a suit…those things are expensive!

  11. I don’t have a problem with the concept of a guy in a suit in the water (trashing it as some say–you can get a suit for 70 bucks at Burlington), but my main concerns are: composition (#1! Why are his feet cut off and he’s way over at the extreme left of the photo?!?), context (what’s the story?), and execution (I’m not loving their choice of a slower shutter speed–the water would look better if it were sharper).

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