Fan of Bad Selective Coloring? You’ll Love This.

I do think it takes talent to selective color this horribly.

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  1. So the fauxtog didn’t like this couple at all?

  2. this website has opened my eyes to the “use” of spot coloring. i can’t and won’t lie, i am guilty of using it before. but a THANK YOU is in order for showing me that is way past time to stop.

    keep spreading the word! lol.

    • and use is in ” ” because i was referring to when it’s okay to use it… which is never. anymore.

    • Me too! then I realized how cheesy it is and have vowed to not use it ever again! But what do I do if a client requests it?

  3. Did she pull all the blue out? What? I don’t even

  4. more like selectively de-coloring, the only thing missing is green. Lazy and sloppy, I sure hope this was a case of Uncle Bob

  5. Biff Sweldon

    WOW, is that a terracotta roof?

    • I think it’s a pyramid actually. Or a Goa’uld mother ship, if you’re a fan of Stargate SG-1…

  6. Meowcate

    Oh my, Nature is dying all around us !

  7. Perhaps their wedding colors were hot pink and hint sea foam green?

  8. I’m ashamed to say that I still have to do spot coloring to make some of my customers happy, but its not without some griping and belly aching.

  9. siobhan

    That is complete and utter shite, lol. I just don’t know why anyone would do this :~/

  10. That’s a good picture… then they screwed it all up. Colour, fine. B&W, great. This? It’s a train wreck.

  11. How unflattering to have the groom pose like that! his stance makes his trousers look baggy and sloppy. He looks like a hobo or perhaps he’s hiding a clown costume under his tux? His weight should be on the forward leg, not having that leg in front and the foot turned up…even if you want him leaning on the tree it’s possible to have him posed better, just a little instruction from the fauxtog is all it takes to get a proper pose..for chrissakes just look at a few successful portraits for guidance on posing models. She isn’t even looking at him – her glance is directly to the side and he is posed behind her.
    I don’t understand the thought process of the fauxtog with the spot color…why color the roof? what does that add to the photo? and yellow grass spots – was this taken in a dog park?
    odd image…. not clever, not edgy, not professional – just odd.

  12. I agree the groom is in a very odd pose that looks just… weird. Love the colored roof (NOT). Even if the client requested the use of spot color, I wouldnt be showing off the ghastly example

  13. It’s not spot color. It’s asbestos.

    The shrubs are also filled with old algae, moss, and lichen to give it that grey, powdery look.

  14. tripichik

    My first thought was is she bleeding? Embarrassing to have one’s period in a wedding dress. Or, the flowers were bleeding.

  15. Susan Hoffman

    Not a good job of spot coloring at that. I am really puzzled about why the roof is colored … I get that some clients like this effect and sometimes you have to do it, but who on earth thought the roof should have color? I cannot think of any scenario where it would be appropriate to have color in the roof.
    The other odd thing about this photo is the bride and groom are both looking elsewhere than at their new spouse. It just seems peculiar to me.

  16. Andreas Steen

    At first I was like “Oh, so they turned everything but red down”, but then I saw the weird dots of green grass and realized that someone actually chose which parts to make colorrific, and which parts to make grey and.. grey I guess. It’d be a crying shame to call anything in there black, and then I cried a little on the inside.

    I think I’d flat out deny it if someone asked me to do spot coloring. Unless I was really broke, then I’d obviously sell my soul to pay the rent, but if I didn’t desperately need the money I’d say no.

  17. I used to have a point and shoot like this. You select one colour and it will keep colour on everything else with that tone in it. I don’t think this was done in post production, I think it was done with a crap setting on a point and shoot !

    • Well, you know, it’s always best to get it done “right” in the shooting phase than it is to do it in post production. Oh wait … it’s selective color. There is no such thing as “right” selective color.

  18. Crystal

    They love each other so much.. it makes the world around them die……

  19. You really have to TRY to make something look this horrible.

  20. this is the worst thing I have ever seen
    did someone puke all over them and all over the ground?
    this isn’t spot color, its spot vomit

  21. Katherine

    I’m not even sure this can be considered selective coloring. How do you even do that. Never mind I don’t really want to know. I will also admit to the selective coloring sin when I first started out. It just seemed so cool and fun and neat that you could do something like that, then I took photography classes and learned that it’s not.
    I have one friend that I shoot her product for her baby boutique and we use selective color to make her product pop, but it’s the one and only time that I still agree to this awful technique, never do I agree to it on portrait work (ahem…anymore ahem)

  22. I’m pretty sure they were using a point and shoot that Canon came out with a few years ago that did this automatically for them… :-/

  23. I would cry if I had a picture like this. I am almost in tears for them.

  24. I struggle with believing that someone, even for a moment, thought this was a good idea.

    And yes, there was a time I was guilty of selective coloring. *shudder* But at least mine was never THAT awful.

  25. What a nice sickly yellow color…exactly how a wedding should be represented. Well done!

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