Zombie Baby

Zombie baby will use your head like a sippy-cup!

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  1. Stephanie


  2. A shrink wrapped baby. Wonderful.

  3. Mas Khan

    When I see photos like this, I want to give the photographer a beating! This is a crime against everything that is good and decent in the world!

  4. Machelle

    This seriously makes me want to throw up. If I was that Mom and saw that, holy crap I would freak out. There’s NO way anyone thought that was cute!!

  5. A photographer

    Who saw this and thought ‘Yeah, that’s great editing, I’ll stop now’.

  6. “I’m going to eat your brains and gain your knowledge of awesome photoshop skills.” -Zombie Baby

  7. FroggieG


  8. I started adjusting the angle of my screen because I was sure that wasn’t what the picture was supposed to look like. It was.

  9. Words fail me.

  10. Annoyed

    Well, that’s just f’ing atrocious.

  11. He clearly had to go out to find brains. Fauxtographer is safe.

  12. WTF?????

  13. I am particularly intrigued by the rectangular eyes!

  14. Photoshop. You’re doing it wrong.

  15. Those are some freaky eyes…and yeah,just because you find and try out all the cool filters and effects in PS, it doesn’t mean you should use them on a client’s images. *sigh*…

  16. Is there like…some special pair of glasses I’m supposed to be wearing to see this picture….or did that acid I took back in ’91 just come to kick me in the ass one more time.

  17. CrispyB

    I’ve never commented on submissions here before, but… Oh… My… F******… God

  18. I love how the baby head appears solarised.

  19. DenverGuy

    Photoshop abuse is akin to driving drunk – at the time, the driver (fauxtog) thinks they are okay, when really they are VERY not okay, and are a danger to everyone!

  20. Gal with a Camera

    I keep tilting my screen, thanking there’s some kind of weird glare on it…

  21. WHY OH WHY!

  22. Verdaderamente espantoso me duele los ojos de mirarlo

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