You’re A Creepy One, Mr Grinch

creepy grinch

I don’t think you should let your child sit with that thing…

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  1. ncrachick

    Wow! She’s not really sitting on his lap and yet her foot is not touching the floor. What a talented girl! LOL

  2. Ew, he looks dead. Why are his clothes torn? And since when has anybody sat on the Grinch’s lap?

    Why does this photo exist??

  3. Has anyone else noticed that he doesn’t seem to be wearing any pants?

  4. the caption cracked me up.

  5. roycebennett

    It doesn’t even look like the grinch. Looks like somebody took a picture of the main character from Avatar and changed his color to green and added a little facial hair.

  6. And what sort of eldritch horror is that child, to warp reality so it can sit on the Grinch’s right knee and reach his left shoulder like that?

  7. Oh, the talent required to execute this artistic marvel is just mind boggling. Most parents try to protect their children from being exposed to such situations but I guess creepy and sick is just the thing to set their Christmas pics apart from their friends’.

  8. DidYouEvenLookThroughTheViewFinder

    Awful editing, bad composition AND copyright infringement! Quite the hat trick. If it were me I’d advise the Geissel estate, or whoever now owns the copyright to Dr. Seuss’ Grinch charatacter, to sue the fauxtog for everything they’re worth, but what does fifty cents buy these days?

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