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We here at YANAP are very happy to announce the launch of our new forums! Whether you’ve been plagued by the question, “Am I a fauxtog?” or you’d like to share some golden photography wisdom to help reduce the ever rising fauxtog population, make sure you register HERE and check out the forums HERE!

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  1. Photographerss are kinda douchebags. Who cares if people take interesting shots with cell phones, the world needs more creativity and this kinda thing sparks that in people.
    Good to see established photographers trying to take away peoples freedom to express creativity, whether it with a point and shoot or a cell phone. You’re acting like Nazis. I know many people who like to call themselves pros but nobody has ever heard of them, and likely never will, and likely don’t give a fuck.
    Dying art, so deal with it.
    I’ll never support a photographer that thinks this is a good idea. Some people enjoy it for fun, they don’t make money (neither do most photographers, irony?).

    • Quibo, I see what you are saying and I agree with you that the world needs more creativity. I think the thing to realize about this site is that it is not bashing or making fun of people for simply taking photos. That would be incredibly distasteful. The reason this site exists, I think, is to expose people who ARE making money off of bad photography and lack of skill by exploiting the client who doesn’t know any better.

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