Bury It With Eggs!

Quick, bury the body in plastic Easter eggs and they will think the Bunny did it!

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  1. The Nightmare Before Easter.

  2. Notaphotog

    This photo cannot be for a paying customer. I’m hoping with all my might that these are the ‘Fauxtogs” children.

  3. FroggieG

    Quick, someone call the CSI team!!!

  4. “ummmmm MOM!!!! I think the Easter Bunny left me a dead baby in my basket!”

  5. This could have been a decent pic but for the selective desat, horrible focus and gawdawful baby-thingy on the boy’s head.

    • This same pic – in focus, in perfect color exposure, without the headband – would still be awful.

  6. Benny Boy

    The little girl’s shirt says: “I’m the original, she’s the copy”

    It should really just say: “My photo is not original, I don’t want a copy”
    Oh, and in small print: “My fauxtographer sucks.”
    … ah, who am I kidding? Make it large print and take up the whole space in the back of the shirt.

    This is ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

  7. The kids are so green they could be the progeny of the Hulk.

  8. These are paid professionals, children, do not attempt this at home.

  9. Ya gotta laugh… Or weep. Then laugh again. Then weep some more… And more. And more…

  10. Elizabeth

    Fauxtography aside–don’t put all that sh*t on your kid’s head to cover up the fact that it has no hair!

  11. robbifelldown

    I do not like them Sam I am, I do not like Green Eggs and Ham!

  12. robbifelldown

    Once upon a time there was a roll of seamless background paper who sat lonely upon a shelf….The end. Once upon a time, there was depth of field. He was lonely too because nobody ever truly understood him….The end.

  13. TollToll

    they’re both girls and… GREEN?? WHY??? sadly this looks to be a paying customer with all the time they put in getting matching outfits

  14. Dorinda


  15. Is this scene from the new Shreck movie…………………. they seem to have cut the budget somewhat.

  16. Is there anything right in this photo? Is it sharp at least?

    • I like the background. Too bad they’ve put some things in front of it.

  17. Next time, choose a photog with more egg-sperience! Yuk, yuk, yuk!

  18. TollToll

    I can’t even imagine. My customers want pastels and bunnies for their Easter pics, this customer COULD NOT have wanted zombies and neons.

  19. darrelltwo

    “Oh, that’s MUCH better than the unedited shot, they’ll love this.”, said no one, ever.

  20. I don’t know where the de-saturate trend started, but it’s being so overused. And why, oh why, do people think it’s a good idea to de-saturate skin?? Or to spot-color skin?? Both effects could be sort of cool for a still-life (before we started seeing them everywhere), but NEVER in photos of people. Not unless you want your children looking like zombies!

  21. The only thing that could make this worse is a white vignette.

    And really, what parent doesn’t want a picture of their perfectly healthy child to look like said child suffers from progeria

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