Are you sure it’s a girl? This looks like a watermelon covered in cheesecloth to me.

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  1. Is this an American thing, sending out images of one’s pregnant tummy?
    I find the whole idea a bit icky, no matter how well done technically.
    Are there any *good* examples? I find it hard to imagine such a thing.

    London, UK

    • I agree. Anne Geddes is pretty famous for these though.

    • I also agree. I know some people who have had it done, and they turned out pretty. But they were only doing it to put in the childs baby book. And it was a full body photo, not just a tummy shot.

    • No, we do it in the UK. And they do it in Australia, and my ex-wife did it in Sweden. It’s pretty common to want a photographic memory of the most exciting time of your life, really. Not usually shared with the world, though!

      • I don’t agree at all. I took photos of my belly but I didn’t focus on it and make it look like a giant one eyed monster- these images are just BAD. The pregnant female form is beautiful- just not these photos.

  2. blah. it looks like a hairy man’s beer belly – and sorry but the “belly button” looks like another (ahem) part of the body.

    skin tones people…skin tones. Especially when converting to black & white – balance for the skin tones first – the gray muddled texture of the material on that gray belly just makes it look flat – and hairy! horrid lighting, horrid posing, just one big FAIL imo.

  3. Katherine

    My belly looked a lot better than that one during my two pregnancies, but I certainly didn’t think it was a good idea to send out pictures of it!

  4. This is horrid, I had very beautiful maternity pictures taken with both of my pregnancies.

    • Maybe you’d like to share them, since you took the time to criticise these photos, I would like to see yours. As they are so beautiful.

      • Quit being a tool Darrien. She’s not laying claim to her own photographic excellence as she clearly did not take her own maternity pictures. There are beautiful maternity pictures, and there are revolting maternity pictures. It’s obvious which type these are.

  5. Anonymous

    I dislike the whole pregnant belly idea so much. IMHO, I think they’re poor taste and I kind of lose respect for a photographer if they use these shots.

    • skynigurl


      • So, If a client asks for a memory of her pregnancy, asks you to try and show her growing belly as best you can, you would just outright refuse both the job, AND the cash? I doubt it.

      • I would take the photo for their request, but I would not post it anywhere as part of my portfolio.

        And you don’t have to necessarily share a bare belly for maternity photos… there’s plenty of other artful ways of showing the beauty of pregnancy

      • I agree- always try to do as the client asks- a true craftsman who knows her way around the frame can make even a close up look great.

  6. I think she needs to upgrade from her Kodak easy share.

  7. no baby belly photos, please

    Even well done pregnancy photos are borderline repulsive. When they look like this, they are revolting.

    • Sounds like a whole lot of negative comments from a whole lot of barren women, IMO. Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing time, a photographic record of a baby’s development in the womb is pretty common.

      Try it. (having a baby, I mean).

    • i totally agree. they’re repulsive. i love kids but isn’t the tot running around for at least 10 years a reminder of “that time of your life”?. it’s borderline pregnancy fetish..bizarre and creepy. I’d rather see the actual child than its conceited mother’s abdomen.

  8. Did someone praise Ann Geddes?
    Because she’s not too spooky, is she? This video shows the artist at work:

  9. Amazonite

    Are those babies anesthetized? >shuddering<

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