Not This Again

Again with the “not my pictures.” Why aren’t you showing your pictures? I’m smelling a fauxtog.

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  1. What’s a back round? And I’m glad to see they have a decent camera.

  2. Come on – “back round” not once, but THREE times?

  3. Back round? And why advertise using photos that aren’t yours? That’s called theft.

  4. “back round”, hahahahahahahahahahahah!

  5. A back round is… um, I have no idea, which only makes me believe this person with “photographic experience” has no idea what it is either.

  6. My next favorite line after “back round” is “I would not charge a whole lot” 😛

  7. I think Ill go around to all of the different webistes and download pictures that ARENT MINE and say – hey , i can do this if you would like, I just didnt do it THIS time !

  8. In all fairness, it could just be some poor high school or college student trying to make an extra couple bucks. It doesn’t sound to me like this person is claiming to be a photographer. They even admit that they have “decent” camera and not a professional one. Just some food for thought.

    • In all fairness, someone’s going to pay this poor high school or college student to take decently crappy photos.

      • You get what you pay for. lol

      • My thoughts exactly. If someone decides to pay this person after reading that, it truly isn’t anyone’s problem but their own.

      • Totally agree. Thing is, this ‘fautog’, and others, must have a market. A market that has a need for lower quality, cheaper photos that aren’t overdone, or wanky. After coming to this site for laughts for some weeks, I’ve just read snipy, negative loathsome comments. I feel this entire website has been set up in fear, that some of these ‘fautogs’ are actually taking potential clients. Deal with it! I have nothing at all to do with photography. I sell wine, some wine is crappy and sells for $3 a bottle. Some is brilliant and sells for $300. Some is crappy and sells for $300, but the market pays, so the market stays.

    • But does the $3 bottle of wine steal its label from the $300 bottle and claim to be the same thing? If not then it isn’t a fair comparison.

  9. So this is someone who wants to take pictures advertising with someone else’s photos? Seems a bit strange…

  10. a back round is a hunch back

  11. Oh dear…. If this IS indeed a poor high school or college student, then they must be having serious problems in high school or college, considering they are not aware of what a BACK GROUND is… shame shame.

  12. Anonymous

    well he/she IS Canadian, maybe thats how they say it??

    • Nope. Canadians say background as well. LOL

      But when we pronounce it, it does sound like back-round.

      It’s the same as the people who think a laptop is called a lab-top. 🙂

  13. Someone needs to let the real photographer know that their photography is being stolen.

  14. I’ve just taken a great shot of Yosemite from my office here in Reading, UK. Oh, wait, that was Ansell Adams, oh well, who will know?

  15. What an amateur! That’s like using a BMW photo when selling your hoopdie.- it runs, it’s made of metal and here are some ideas on what my NEXT car will look like!

  16. I’m more interested in the forge round.

  17. I can’t believe that had 148 views!!

  18. For all of the people who defend these thieves thinking that everyone on this site is a bitter professional afraid of losing business, think again. I am a radio talk show host, and I like to take photos for fun. I respect the art of photography, and it insults me to see people calling themselves professionals misrepresenting photography to others. I am better than any of these hacks, have much more tied up in equipment, and I would NEVER even THINK of taking money from someone for taking photos because I respect the people who do that for a living.

  19. Bad job at blocking out the location. Burlington, Ontario is pretty obvious when you look at it.

  20. “Back round”
    “decent camera”
    “photographic experience…”
    *head explodes*

  21. I was like, ‘what the fuck is a back round?’

    Then I got it. Sigh.

  22. what if i don’t want my back to be round or if I already have a ’round back’…… then will it be cheaper?

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