Tinsel Leash


It might make sense if the dogs were the ones connected by a tinsel leash, but why the kids!?

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  1. Holy guano, someone went to a lot of trouble coming up with this “concept” and executing it. And for what? They clipped off Rudolph’s tail. Seriously though, what’s up with dressing like it’s summer, squatting (always attractive), and of course, the restraints? Just another lame offering that lowers the photographic IQ of the population as they all click “like” and go back to this faux time after time for more pig slop. BTW, I’d swear I’ve seen the kid on the right before on this site. Have we been graced with this faux’s pics before?

    • Well I’d probably not call that “summer attire”, at least not in my region of the world. But still, it’s pretty lame. I don’t get what’s up with the random props, especially those tacky foil tree-like things. I’m guessing they squatted in order to get the dog in frame, but one would think it would have been wiser to spend the time wasted putting out those props by getting a low bench or some other means of better grouping the people and their pet.

      The tinsel is just the final twist of the dagger in an already-horrible photo.

  2. I hope the family didn’t have to pay for this.

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