Ridiculous Wedding Photos


We get what you were going for here Fauxtog, but come on! You didn’t even get the rings in focus!

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  1. Zed68

    #1 is a masterpiece compared to what you usually post here… it’s a work of art.
    #2 is… what is it ????
    #3 and #4… alert !! sensory overload… eyes melting!!!!!!

  2. #1-you suck faux. Soft dreamy focus is useful but not when you need to actually see something. I know what happened. It was a quick spur of the moment shot and you can’t get a shot without an hour of prep. Stay out of the wedding world cause it consists of many moments like this. I don’t want to see the rest of the wedding day. How was the first kiss?
    #2-Buy a decent fast lens. I’m so sick of seeing people trying to create fake bokeh with gaussian blur. And again, another faux who can’t even get the “focus” of the shot (the flowers) in focus.
    #3-Take note faux…sometimes a shot is beautiful in and of itself without PP-ing it to death like you’ve done here. All I see is crap like this where I’m from with wedding “photogs” trying to set their photos apart from the rest by PP-ing them to death or simply PP-ing them to death because they are hiding poor photos. Tragic.
    #4-Did I mention some stupid faux PP-ing a photo to death? Tip…filter-other-high pass usually doesn’t flatter the bride.

  3. All of these are awful. Why can’t people learn to simply take a good photo!!? It isn’t all that hard if you just invest a bit of time and effort into understanding some basic things. Also, it is getting so very frustrating to see over processed photos that many people claim are good! Overexposure, excessive vignetting, HDR disasters, etc. They’re like overcooked pieces of meat. Sadly, the general public is starting to believe these types of images are acceptable and actually good.

    Take a good photo first, edit to make it better, if necessary.

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