That’s Not For In The Water!

Took the time to match her bikini to her board… but then wouldn’t you know it, she got the wrong kind of board!

You think this is hot? You should see him wear that beast at the dinner table!

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  1. Maybe it’s a Jesus skateboard?

  2. I think the unnecessary grain and lack of focus really make the first shot, and the hat and the soft focus on the bathtub photo draw me in and create a romantic atmosphere.

  3. The top picture actually isn’t bad. It would make more sense if she was carrying a surfboard rather than a skateboard :/ go home girl, you’re drunk.

    The bottom picture is just kind of creepy….

    • Really? So the really bad attempt at cloning on the horizon doesn’t bother you at all? Accompanied by the ridiculously bad timing of the sun placement should render this photograph not even CLOSE to a ‘not that bad’ photograph.

      • I said it wasn’t bad. I didn’t say it was awesome, or even good. On a scale of 1 – 10 it’s probably about a 4 or 5. Calm yourself….

    • Not bad? This is terrible. It’s a point and shoot photo. It’s not “Photography” material. It’s out of focus, grainy, and the composition is extremely unappealing. This person didn’t even try to get good composure, they just pointed and shot.

      • Alright then, I retract my statement. It’s terrible, jeeze, now will people leave me alone?

      • Also, I’ve seen a lot worse on this forum.

  4. wow. I would imagine his homies will love this pic!

  5. The top photo has a good model, but terrible quality of photography.
    The bottom photo is just… WTF?

  6. ithurtswhenipee

    Top photo, Looks like a circa 2003 flip phone camera image.

    Bottom photo. Nothing like pop-up flash and an unflattering pose to bring out the romance.

  7. STOP IT!!!!! Every time I see a new post from you updated on facebook, I ALWAYS click on it. It’s like a train wreck … just can’t turn away. 😉 Aaacckkkk!

  8. With the bottom photo, I’d feel better if I could see his hands.

  9. HeyThere

    The skate board photo has that grainy look, I think it was taken with an ipod touch.

  10. I can’t stop laughing at the dude-oir shot.

  11. Don’t you get the art? Obviously, this girl is standing somewhere on the east coast, and she’s got a skateboard because she represents the skaters that were displaced by the hurricane. The graininess of the image and “poor” photoshopping are obviously representative of the damage this storm has done on the world in which we live. This is art. The only way it could have been more artistic would be if they used some selective coloring to desaturate everything but the pink, and maybe add some artificial vignetting on the edges.

    As far as the second photo goes, I give kudos to the client for his boldness to pose for such a shot. That doesn’t make it less creepy, but still, “A” for bravery!

  12. Lisa Newlin

    Although I don’t understand the skateboard at the ocean at all, I will admit that if I had a body like that, I’d probably do whatever I wanted too! 🙂

    And that guy in the tub will haunt my nightmares. It like he’s looking through me.

  13. the top picture looks like someone shot it with their phone. My guess as to the second picture is that it was so steamy in the bathroom that the camera lens got all fogged up.

  14. the top shot is very grainy considering the lighting at the time, not sure how they managed that.
    i can’t help wondering why the guy still has his hat on in the bath…..

  15. nikongriffin

    I wonder if the skateboard girl is wearing high heels.

  16. That’s a very smexy baseball cap there. Really brings the photograph together.

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