She’s Reading Your Texts!

If the fauxtog was trying to make her look like the Overly Attached Girlfriend (link), then bravo! Somehow I doubt that’s what they were going for however… I’m betting that’s her boyfriend’s phone…

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  1. George Kremer

    “Yes! Please do wear your brightest, loudest safety yellow top and I WILL oversaturate it!”

  2. Dude. I’ve had people request the young ones to text in a family (grandkid) shot. It was so awkward!

  3. Although I hate the over saturation and editing in general, I don’t see anything wrong with using her cell as a prop. My guess is that this is her senior portrait session and she wants to remember what she was into. 20 years from now when she looks at this photo she’ll remember the good ol’ days when you had to send messages by pushing little buttons on a handi with your fingers rather than transmitting them directly into your recipient’s brain via brain-chip-cell-message-transition device.

  4. I don’t have a problem with this. It’s only showing the girl in her natural habitat. Hey, that’s how things were back there in 2012.

    • Kind of like the age of “feathered bangs” or the age of mullets?

      Yes, it was like it was back then in 2012 before we had the telecommunication devices directly implanted into our brains so we could just “think” the “texts” to the intended person…

    • I agree. The photo is a little over done, not as terrible from a technical aspect as most stuff on this site. I have no problem with the phone – it was a concept, I would imagine the entire photo shoot wasnt centered around it – but hey look at any teenage girl and the phone is glued to them – you’re right, simply showing the kid in her environment. I’d be honestly surprised if she didnt love this… and say “ha thats me, I’m always texting”

  5. ithurtswhenipee

    I would have taken a half step to camera left to take out that annoying strip of trees out of the composition. And that white balance isn’t doing her skin any favors.Other than that – “not terrible”.

  6. The whole picture is terribly edited. The pose and phone? Not bad at all. Where are the hanging babies and terrible zombie skinned people? This site is slacking off.

    • Pose and framing are both bad. Phone? Debatable, I guess, depending on the purpose of the photo. But the edge of the building on the edge of the frame (and cutting through her shoulder) and the “hunched over my phone” pose … not so flattering.

  7. I think we have all seen worse, a lot worse. This is just mediocre with bad direction.

  8. Gorgeous eyes. Too bad they didn’t do anything with them.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      Agreed. This girl is so pretty, but her smile is so awkward and embarrassed, and with her hair in her face? I have better photos of me that were taken with cell phones.

  9. Gal with a Camera

    Omg, she DOES look just like the overly attached girlfriend!!!!! Reading through her boyfriend’s texts… hahahahahahahahahaahahahaha! Too funny!

    The picture isn’t neccesarily that bad or funny, but the overly attached girlfriend reference just cracked me up! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  10. I don’t feel like this is terrible..The editing isn’t fantastic, the phone is dorky and the top is too bright and discolored, but definitely not the worst 😛

  11. You've Got To Be Kidding Me

    There are so many who are worse… There’s one I saw that is terrible! Everything is fuzzy, overprocessed, poorly lit, badly thought out. It is just a disaster. The worst part is that everyone is encouraging this fauxtog to continue even going so far as to say that she should be published in “Bride’s” magazine. What a joke yet they don’t make this site. Its a shame. This one isn’t so bad.

  12. Cranky Catholic

    The photo is satisfactory. It’s the post production that’s the tragedy.

  13. having her move a step to the left would have helped as would have fixing the skin tones (better post) – I’m not a big fan of the cell phone as a prop, but hey I’ve had seniors request guns, footballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, fishing rods, cars, etc… so no problem with a cell phone.

  14. Honestly, yes, it’s not the best but it’s definitely not the worst I’ve seen. I know someone personally who calls herself a professional and her work is much much worse than this. Her work has even been submitted to this site and has never been posted. You’d cringe- she’s the definition of a fauxtog. This, well this could be better for sure by taking a few steps to camera left so it’s just the wall and adjusting the subjects “pose”/posture but I’ve seen much, MUCH worse.

  15. Boyfriend? Looks like she’s wearing a wedding ring. Also I love the freaky overprocessed face contrasted with the detail of moles and veins on the arms.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      She looks a bit young for a wedding ring, could be a purity or promise ring. Do those still exist?

  16. I wonder if she requested to look like something from the Twilight movies?!?

  17. In relation to a lot of the images shared here, this image is not that bad. Actually, I would say this fauxtographer has the potential to become a photographer with some time and training.

  18. She looks tense and her posture just looks awkward. She has that shy girl posture. But I’d say it’s more on the photographer’s failure to make the subject relax and act natural; which I personally think is the hardest thing about portraits, because you actually have to talk to your customers and make them feel comfortable.

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