Baby Blue

Obviously, he’s got swagger.

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  1. Ewwww….

  2. wait, wut

    SWAG is an acronym for Secretly We Are Gay. I don’t think its a secret at all, lol. Love the lighting, nothing beats harsh on camera flash

  3. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  4. Dat wrinkly backdrop.

  5. Oh.


  6. Oh damn! That one should have come with a warning y’all!! Eeeks!

  7. In this case, it’s not actually the Fauxtographer that comes out worst…

  8. Jessanderson

    EW!!! Ew, ew, and MORE ew!!!

  9. Dude-oir,.. Bahaha!! Oh and the pic makes my eyes bleed.

  10. that is disgusting haha!!

  11. Jilly Jay

    My eyes! My eyes! They burn…

  12. jfc i cannot unsee that… and for that i hate you.

  13. Bleach……for my eyes!

  14. Looks like he’s maybe had open heart surgery in the past and got caught in a knife fight (scars on both arms). He should still be in the hospital.

  15. BurninBiomass

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Sexaaayyyyyyy

  16. wee willie winkie

    hey baby wat you doin? I’m so confident that you’ll be my love slave tonight that I’m getting this crappy basement/garage, sheet hung on a stick, photo done by someone who has no idea about lighting or ever heard of an iron.

  17. Worst computer scroll down. ever.

  18. “Girl, look at that body….I work out….wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle….I’m sexy and I know it.”
    Yeah it’s in my head…now it’s in yours. :-/

  19. He’s got… something.

  20. Gal with a Camera

    MAH EYES, MAH POOR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eye bleach. Pass the eye bleach.


  22. Am I the only one here who suddenly began hearing the lyrics for ‘Pretty Fly For A White Guy’ when they saw this?

    Now that he’s made an appearance here, though, maybe he’ll get a gym membership. And actually use it.

  23. That shadow from the fauxtog’s pop-up flash really accentuates the model’s curves, too!

  24. artie fufkin

    what a shame. this would have been a really fine photo if not for that wrinkled backdrop

  25. Yeah nothing says “Pro gear” like an on-camera flash

  26. I am really trying to find something good to say about this picture.
    I know… like that shade of blue

  27. I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  28. hey, i’ve seen worse photos of olympic athletes…

  29. better than that

    Trying to think of a positive: At least the photographer didn’t use selective coloring.

  30. why?
    why would you pose for that?
    why would you allow someone to post that without blurring the eyes to protect the innocent?
    why would anyone put their label on it?

  31. and what’s the bet this is Grindr profile pic…

  32. You Are Not a Model.

  33. hypatia

    Can we please stop with the body snarking stuff?

  34. It looks like he survived heart surgery, I think he’ll survive all y’alls taunting. Before you diss the model maybe post a picture of yourself rocking that outfit. The hard shadow’s not working for me and I’m not digging the angle so ya, there is room for improvement.

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