Sad Pumpkin

I don’t understand the blue pumpkins, and I really don’t get the blue-green baby.

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  1. Yikes! What is this photog thinking?? This is embarrassing to me as a photographer!! Someone please try and explain this to me. :/

  2. All this blue makes me blue. 🙁

  3. great lighting

    On another note, they nailed the lighting. So why ruin it with terrible selective coloring?

    • This is just awful

      They absolutely did not nail the lighting. It looks like one diffused flash. No background light, no rim light, no fill light, not to mention the wrinkled sheet background and specks of imperfection on the ground. Even if the color was left alone this is nothing more than a “creative” (and I use that word loosely) snapshot with a dslr. No professional would have put such little thought or effort into something that they would display on their website.

  4. Katherine


  5. Anonymous

    About a year ago there was a Russian Smurf porn video circulating….is this the result?

  6. Oh for the love of all that is holy…

  7. Nailed the lighting? umm.. no.

  8. Noooooooooo! WTH?!?!?!?

  9. I’m just…. speechless. Why?????

  10. You’re turning violet Violet!

  11. Yes, the blue is horrific. That aside the picture is adorable and with correct color would be awesome!

    • This picture is nowhere near “adorable” or “awesome” – the child is completely without expression – except for maybe “what the hell am I doing in a stupid pumpkin?”

  12. IamNotaPhotograper..Yet!

    Oh, and he ‘grass’ is wrinkled! LOL

  13. Veronica

    What are you guys talking about? What’s not to understand why the baby is green? Can’t you tell that that is one of Shrek’s offspring?? HAHA

  14. Maybe we should all chip in and buy this poor guy/gal a monitor calibration tool…

  15. I think I just threw up a little.

  16. It’s Frankenbaby and the blue pumpkins! Holy craptastic batman this is awful!

  17. Halloween on a cold and distant alien planet. Yikes.

    *unrelated to the image, but……holy crap does this page load slowly since y’all were booted from tumblr!

  18. what’s so wrong with orange pumpkins…

  19. Well, it’s better then blue waffles

  20. Guys lay off, can’t you see it comes in peace? 😛

  21. WTF?!! What concept is going through your mind to make pumpkins such an unnatural color? These look like Smurf pumpkins!

  22. they are going to have a blue
    blue, blue blue Halloween,
    if they post this on facebook, what on earth were they thinking?

  23. My 8 year old walked in while I was looking at this post. She summed it up quite well…”Mommy, why are those pumpkins blue?”

    If an 8 year old can tell your photo sucks, you are doing it wrong!

  24. It’s the Blue Man Halloween…duh….

  25. Okay…maybe the baby is supposed to be Baby Hulk?

    …and maaaybeee the pumpkins are meant to look like those violet plastic jack-o-lantern candy carriers I keep seeing in stores of late?

    On second thought, maybe the photog shouldn’t have smoked that last bowl.

  26. Blue is the new red

  27. Im not very good photographer…pretty normal one actually….but this makes me sad. Its awfull!!!

  28. I’m pretty sure this is straight out of the camera…

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