Pretty in Pink

I’m guessing from this photo the happy couple got married in some sort of time warp alternateĀ universe.


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  1. lol couldn’t get that blur in camera?

    • Anonymous

      I say picnik work… Judging by the dark rings around the people.

      • i use picnik… theres nothing wrong with it if you use it correctly!

      • -_-

      • Gourmetguy

        Lay off Picnik
        These people use MS Paint!

      • there is plenty wrong with picnik. regardless of how you use it. it will always leave that tacky “picnik glow” that leaves the image looking like something your 14 year old neighbour did. there has been many debates about this on these threads and guess what? everytime someone says “i use picnik, my work speaks for itself” then links us all to the said work. it’s always very blatantly obvious that they have used picnik. not in a good way.

    • Anonymous

      and blurry

  2. The fauxtographer cleverly instructed each of the three ladies to hold their flowers in a different way, thus following the Rule of Thirds.

  3. That’s actually the image collapsing in on itself

  4. That probably would have been a decent picture if they hadn’t butchered it with blur… you should need a license to play with photoshop šŸ˜‰

    • Actually, the closest to a decent anything would be a snapshot and even then it was spoilt by the gross editing.

      Editing aside, they aren’t all looking at the camera, and the composition is just not there. Looks like someone who is cutting in on the “professional” set up, and doing that annoying thing by distracting the subjects by grabbing a quick snap in between shots.

  5. am i the only one who noticed the bridesmaid’s shoes don’t fit?

  6. Whoa! I thought my eyes had gone wonky! I was expecting it to be ALL pink! Lol!

  7. OMG!!! that is awful, only in America! or is it?

  8. Uh oh… somebody divided their f-stop focal distance ratio by ZERO…

  9. The blur is actually the Universe and the very essence of reality rejecting this horrible photo.

  10. Wsroadrunner

    Wow! What a craptastic shot.

  11. Whoa! The first bridesmaids shoes are gigantic!

  12. ludicrous speed!

  13. Meowcate

    It seems the background has been shot by a blur-ray.

  14. Now THAT is ridiculous.

  15. Bad posing – they are far to far apart, bad use of blur tool and no the bride’s maid’s shoes don’t fit (but that is the least of the problems)

    I hope that this was a friend taking the photo – not a pro…

  16. Anonymous

    Looks like someone divided by zero

  17. In a good photo you wouldn’t even see or notice that her shoes don’t fit.

  18. The bride and groom ate the bridesmaids before another pose could be tried.

  19. Gourmetguy

    I suppose if they had a DSLR and a good lens then they could have got some real bokeh. Compact shooting here

  20. Maybe they were trying to introduce the first true 3D photo? Maybe we should be looking at this photog as an innovator?


  21. wrong bride anyway, shoulda married the one on the right…

  22. jackie m

    i have enjoyed looking at all the pictures you have taken all down through the years. i must say this one is “your finest ” this picture just shows what a great photographer you really are. keep on clickin or snappin what ever

  23. I can only add to what has already been said but….

    Why would you blur out the floor? It looks like they are floating.

    Even as a man I noticed the shoes, its pretty apparent.

  24. am i the only one who thinks the chick on the right is hot? how did she get mixed up in all this?

  25. Got it? Now quick to the TARDIS!

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