Oh Come On

It looks like your arts and crafts skills are just as bad as your fauxtography!

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  1. Hobbyist

    Wow, that kids boobs are HUGE! oh, no wait….

  2. …and yet, some idiot payed for it.

    • Doubt it. I’d put money on this being fouxtogs own daughter…..or at least family.

  3. I love how her shoes are the main focus of the picture. The washed out baby just really makes the picture though don’tcha think? Uh.. this is just ridiculous.. this would be a nice family photo.. see how much fun we had for her birthday.. but nothing you should ever ever ever put in your portfolio. Oy vay.

  4. Well, they weren’t a photographer in 2011. Maybe they’re better now. Probably….Hopefully…

  5. Bernard Rentajag

    I don’t even understand what’s going on here.

  6. She’s holding a big number 3, but this pic is a big number 2. My kids take better pics of each other with their busted up point and shoots.

  7. Cant believe they would risk posting this without a watermark?

  8. I am constantly amazed at the really bad photos rank amateurs take themselves and then post on Facebook – out of focus, too dark/light, subject with bad expression, someone else in the way etc. It’s as though the people posting them have no clue how bad they are. That being the case, no wonder someone would look at this and think, “OK, professional photog – that’s what I’m paying for.” For whatever reason, they seem to have no frame or reference to judge something against a really decent photo.

  9. BurninBiomass

    This image was brought to you by the Number “3”, and the word “fail”.

  10. I should start charging, this cannot be professional. Who in their right mind would pay money for any of the shite i have seen on here.

  11. At that angle I thought it was a stylized “W”….or perhaps a McDonalds’ “golden arches” that had fallen over into the little girl’s lap.

  12. I didn’t even realize it was a 3 until I read the comments. I thought it was supposed to be angel wings.

  13. This makes Honey Boo Boo and her family look classy. Sorry but there is not one single redeeming quality about this picture.

  14. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    I don’t get it.

    • I think it’s supposed to be a 3 year photo for the little girl – but she isn’t holding the 3 up correctly, and there’s about 50000000 other things wrong with the image besides that… lighting, red eye, pose, etc….

  15. It’s actually a shot for Wu-Tang Clan’s new album art.

  16. On board flash? Check. Shiny faced kid? Check. No attempt made at preparing background or setting? Check. Got my filthy chair? Yes, I do. Got a pose that makes the kid look like a stump? Got that pose ready and it’s a doozy! Let your arms hang limply to the side, throw this crap on your lap and let’s go!
    All right, no lights, camera, no action!

  17. I thought it had something to do with Wu-Tang.

  18. 3………………. is the magic number

  19. A Number!!!! Thank you! I thought her Name begins with a W ^^

  20. Sunshine

    and i always wanted to see the bottom of kids’ shoes too.

  21. This little girl is such a cutie, too bad she has this awful picture to memorialize turning 3.

  22. Is that a toilet seat for conjoined twins?

  23. Love the bottom of her shoes. They are exactly what I was hoping to see in a birthday photoshoot…. Oh wait…

  24. What defines this as a pro photo ? Not everyone with a camera claims they are a pro by posting a picture publicly. This just looks like a snap that was never meant to be “judged” in this manner. There is nothing on it defining the photographer as “Professional” & no information from the poster concerning having paid for it. People are allowed to take bad photo’s.. so what ?.. Is this page running out of content & now turning to private snaps from Uncle Bob for a laugh? C’mon, get back to exposing the crap that people are charged for by Fauxtographers.

    • ‘Cept for the fact that under the photo it’s blacked out and then it says ‘Photography’.. All signs point towards the fact that the person is a photographer. Now I didn’t say anything about them actually being a pro..

    • Aside from the fact that it’s posted under “XXXXX Photography”‘s account?

  25. Oh wait…I was so taken aback by this image I never noticed it was posted on the “photographers” fan page…thereby I apologise. Kill it with fire. (The Fauxtog not the child) 🙂

    • And nevermind, apparently I haven’t yet learned to scroll through all responses before replying 😉

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