Oh, Canada…

Happy Canada Day folks! To celebrate here’s a little something from a Canadian fauxtographer!

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  1. Oh god why

    I love how the ad is a tip on how to cut down on belly fat. Anyways, size doesn’t matter, bad angle, lighting and pose. Dirty snow makes it even better!

  2. HennyM

    who did her make up and are those black plastic pipes in the background?

  3. Et Tu, Canada?

  4. meggy

    Trying to find something I like about this photo.
    Poor woman.

  5. What kind of beach is that? Why is the sand so white? Why is she wearing boots at the beach? Why is she wearing a lab coat? What kind of bikini is THAT? WHY IS THERE POOP EVERYWHERE?!

  6. tabarnak

  7. Rufus T. Firefly


  8. Another trainwreck.

  9. she stole Mrs. Santa’s boots.

  10. jackd

    Was it so hard to photocap the facebook page with this? Why don’t we go back and do the same with the dog picture, or have you just all but admitted that that didn’t come from a fauxtographer?

    • There is no making people happy these days is there? You will always find something to complain about. Please try to keep your nasty comments to yourself, no one is forcing you to visit this website.

      • jackd

        Actually it’s extremely easy and every single person who has complained on here has asked for the exact same thing. Some demonstration that the photo comes from a “fauxtographer” in the form of a blurred out watermark or a screen cap like above which shows it on a “photography” page. Do that, and zero complaints. It’s in fact the ONLY complaint being made here, by many people and so easy to fix.

      • Annoyed

        Actually, I’ve submitted some fabulously awful shots from “professionals” and they never make it to this page. Not sure why that is.

      • Alise

        To Annoyed: same here. I have submitted so many photos that were just AWFUL. and not one of them has shown up here. Why? I have no idea. I promise you when I say this, if they put them on this website they may just be the worst (or best, however you want to look at it) photos on here. I have no idea why they aren’t putting them up. Does anybody know how long it takes for a submission to be accepted?

    • Alise

      At the top of the picture you can see where it’s a facebook page that says “something-blurred-out Photography’s Photos”. Doesn’t the “photography” kind of indicate that it’s a ‘professional’?

      • jackd

        Yes, and that’s the point. This picture is fine, everyone can clearly see it comes from someone trying to be a “professional”. The problem is, recently, there have been several photos which lack:
        1- a watermark
        2- any facebook photography border like this
        3- any kind of setting that would indicate someone was trying to use a studio (like that girl laying on the back drop)
        4-any kind of significant editing that would make it look like someone was really trying with the photo, like those tools put in the glass.

        They appear to be nothing more than simple snapshots. Like that picture of a dog laying on it’s side, or those two girls at the cemetery. The people are asking for only one thing, proof the images come from actual fauxtographers. If they can’t provide it, they shouldn’t be posting the images.

      • Alise

        Oh I completely agree with you. I have seen many photos on this site that made me think, ‘how do we even know this was somebody claiming to be professional?’ And I think it’s important for them to provide that proof because otherwise it’s just a random compilation of the internet’s lousiest photos…and we already have instagram for that 🙂 anyway all I was saying was that THIS photo we’re commenting on does look like it was from a legit fauxtog. (legit fauxtog? haha you know what I mean..)

  11. BurninBiomass

    I can see part of a Facebook page, obviously its professional. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!

  12. UncleBob

    Ugh, no, feel sorry for this lady, the photo does not do her justice (all things considered).

  13. When I look at the photo, my eye is drawn to the crash barrier for some strange reason. Was she put there to make the barrier look glamorous?

  14. nesgran

    oh, that was a nice shot. I bet she feels really sexy looking at that framed on the wall

  15. She doesn’t look half as good as Randy but if she can make a mean cheeshburger, I’d be all up in that…

  16. Annoyed

    It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes…Oh no, wait, nevermind.

  17. fotopoopie

    looks like a hooker just shit herself

  18. Oh No....

    I know the poor model, in real life she’s actually gorgeous.

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